Technology is rapidly changing at an unprecedented rate & cloud accelerates your business’s agile development. The convergence of the cloud is fueling breakthrough innovations.

atQor is stimulated through the agility, beauty, grace, and success rate of technological transformation. We are your strategic tech partners who help in accelerating your industrial path through our full-stack agile cloud services. This offers new and exceptional opportunities for organizations to innovate, grow faster, transform products, optimize operations, and redefine the way they engage with employees and customers.

Cloud adoption continues in the market and according to a recent study, there are three key reasons organizations consider cloud services: cost savings, improved security, and scalability. Most notably among those benefits, the growth in IoT devices makes storage an even more attractive proposition for businesses compared with earlier years when they used traditional optical media alone. But while we are talking about infrastructure-centric data centers, you have also got cloud apps/software for your virtual presence.


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Managed Cloud Services

How can cloud services leverage your business?

Training and security concerns exist with the cloud & you can perform tasks with diligence:

It Costs Less & Integrates Faster It Costs Less & Integrates Faster White

It costs less & integrates faster.

24 X 7 Availability & Multi Access 24 X 7 Availability & Multi Access White

24 X 7 availability & multi-access authentication.

It Offers Flexibility That Could Be Turned Off It Offers Flexibility That Could Be Turned Off White

It offers flexibility that could be turned off, up, or down considering the circumstances of the user.

Automated Updation Of All Integrated Software Automated Updation Of All Integrated Software White

Automated updation of all integrated software.

Secure Data Transfer Secure Data Transfer White

Secure data transfer.

Real Time Operations Accessibility Real Time Operations Accessibility White

Real-time operations accessibility & multi-network connectivity.

Enhanced Collaboration Enhanced Collaboration White

Enhanced collaboration.

Cloud Services

Get the most out of technology investments for your organization using the stack of Cloud Services by atQor, as mentioned below –

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