Unlock the power of Microsoft cloud for Nonprofits and add a measurable impact into a new hybrid world. 

With Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits, create scalable and transformative impact to attract donors, deliver programs, engage audiences, and secure the participants by offering them best-in-class security tools. atQor, with 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft Solution partner, offers best-in-class consulting to accomplish your organization's mission with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits.


Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits offers solutions such as fundraising engagement tools, which help users track each dollar funders give and share the report back to the donors. Microsoft technology makes donors more effective and supports them in accomplishing their goals. Microsoft Cloud is going to help organizations grow and is for sure going to grow globally in the coming years.


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How can one configure Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit?

Prepare For Your Deployment White
Prepare for your deployment.

In this step, if you have decided to deploy fundraising and engagement or volunteer management, you only need a Microsoft Dataverse environment with a database. Sign into the Power platform and create one to complete the pre-deployment needs. 

Deploy Solutions White
Deploy Solutions

All one needs to do is sign in Solutions -> Nonprofit and then select Quick View to know more about the solution. Choose any solutions by going to the setup option for page setup. Select the Add option to add solutions and deploy the process.

Complete Post Deployment Configuration White
Complete post-deployment configuration

There are a few solutions that need to be configured after the deployment is carried out. Add the post-deployment configuration column from the overview deployment table and complete your configuration.

Add Users And Assign Security Roles White
Add users and assign security roles.

Each user in any organization must be assigned a specific security role. Sign into the Power platform admin center. Choose the name of the environment and add users to assign them security roles based on their skills and responsibilities.

Make an impact with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits Solutions with atQor

With decades of experience as a Microsoft cloud partner, we help nonprofit customers get a deep understanding of donors and supporters by assisting them to align their personalized, organized needs with ease. Connect with our consultant and get used to industry-leading security tools. 

Reduce Time To Market Blue Reduce Time To Market White

Reduce time to market and accelerate innovation using industry-specific capabilities.

Win New Customers With Cloud Solutions And Expand Your Reach Blue Win New Customers With Cloud Solutions And Expand Your Reach White

Win new customers with cloud solutions and expand your reach.

Scale Your Go To Market Quickly By Adding Cutting Edge Solutions Blue Scale Your Go To Market Quickly By Adding Cutting Edge Solutions White

Scale your go-to-market quickly by adding cutting-edge solutions.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Solutions

Fundraising And Engagement Blue Fundraising And Engagement White

Fundraising and Engagement

It's a CRM platform built on Dynamics 365 sales enterprise and then integrated with LinkedIn. It connects with constituent and opportunity management to support businesses to improve their goal. They can use standardized data across systems to give the team, donors, and volunteers the best view. Also, it integrates management, donors, and payment gateway with Stripe to get seamless results.

Volunteer Center Template Blue Volunteer Center Template White

Volunteer Center Template

It's a SharePoint template that saves time for managers by helping them with the onboarding process and centralizing critical information. It is built on the Office 365 platform, where nonprofits can use this template to share data with volunteers, train them for events, and share different materials.

Constituent Marketing Journeys Blue Constituent Marketing Journeys White

Constituent Marketing Journeys

The journey enables the nonprofit marketing teams to personalize their outreach to donors and volunteers by checking out their history and communication with your organizations. It is built on Dynamics 365 Marketing and nonprofit common data model (Microsoft 365, MD365, Power Platform, Azure, LinkedIn). It comes with a collection of pre-built campaign segments, supporter journeys, and email templates.

Manage Volunteer Teams Template Blue Manage Volunteer Teams Template White

Manage Volunteer Teams Template

It's a template for staff that works as volunteers to increase productivity and collaboration by helping them streamline volunteer management tasks. The template can integrate with volunteer management to collaborate, share documents, and execute tasks running on one collaboration tool across multiple platforms.

Volunteer Management Blue Volunteer Management White

Volunteer Management

It's a Power App that supports nonprofit organizations to manage daily operations such as recruiting, onboarding, and scheduling, and it can retain large groups of volunteers more efficiently. It's a technology that allows volunteer managers to move from manual processes to modern solutions designed to streamline workflows.

Program Impact Dashboard Blue Program Impact Dashboard White

Program Impact Dashboard

It's a dashboard that supports nonprofit fundraisers and program managers to figure out the impact of how the funds are raised, what programs are delivered, and how the outcomes are achieved. The dashboard helps staff to enable the results across different programs to help them make data-driven decisions easily.

Volunteer Engagement Blue Volunteer Engagement White

Volunteer Engagement

While volunteer engagement is designed for the volunteers themselves. This makes it easier for volunteers to look for opportunities based on their skills and apply for the same. It is built on the Microsoft Power platform, where the volunteers and volunteers coordinate for better engagement.

Industries We Serve

Accelerate your business by adding digital transformation into your industry. As a Microsoft Azure cloud solution provider, we help donors and supporters manage their day-to-day activities across various industries by serving countries like India, the US, and Canada.

Secure Donor & Program Participant Data

Streamline your business and its by data using unified technology and delivering a personalized experience. Gain deeper insights by checking out the below program and how businesses can improve their marketing strategies. 


Microsoft Cloud for nonprofits is a platform that allows nonprofit organizations to engage with donors and supporters to help them deliver programming and add common models to accomplish their organization's mission.

Yes, Microsoft Cloud is now accessible for general availability. It includes, 


  • Fundraising and Engagement Azure Services (Microsoft Azure powers it and helps deploy Azure services.) 


  • Constituent Marketing Journey (It is powered by Dynamics 365Marketing, which helps users give personalized solutions, including customized marketing segments, constituent journeys, email templates, and more.) 


  • Fundraising and Engagement (Powered by Dynamics 365 Sales and helps donors and supporters to understand better by reducing the cost, automating the process, and strengthening the donation.) 


  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Powered by LinkedIn Dynamics 365 sales mapping the business network and using targeted search to look for the right connections.) 

The nonprofit common data models are mainly built on platforms to offer best-in-class compliance and security. Few of them are, 

  • Microsoft 365 
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 
  • Microsoft Power Platform 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • LinkedIn 

To buy Microsoft Cloud for nonprofits, customers must first purchase a license and then buy nonprofit add-on licenses. They are available for education, charity, government, and other commercial purposes.  

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