Fine tune your on-cloud operations, systems, storage, security and more – with Azure Optimization Services – the Consumption Clinic that reviews, recalibrates and restores.  

Microsoft Azure offers a range of services and tools to help optimize the performance, efficiency, cost effectiveness and overall utilization/ consumption of resources within the Azure cloud environments. These are meant to help users make the most of their investments in the MS Azure cloud. Aimed at improving the effectiveness and value of employing the Azure Cloud, the optimization services help you maximize your investments, continue achieving optimal results and stay in-tune with the latest updates and offerings.  


An Azure Consultant or Solutions Partner like atQor, with a proven and accredited track record of providing full-scale, end-to-end Azure services, is your best ally, if you wish to keep your Azure Cloud operations, usage, availability and cost utilities in top shape. From helping you stay on track with sue diligence, governance and compliance to assisting you with continuous improvement and monitoring means – Azure Optimization Services are a great tool for enterprises and large organizations with diverse Cloud operations. 

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They also vastly help businesses of all scales and sizes – as you stay aware of the consumption of your resources with real-time updates and reports. Get in touch with your Azure ally – atQor – to understand how this shall work for your business and on-cloud, hybrid or on-premises operations.     

Benefits of Azure Optimization Services

Better Manage Your Azure Resources White
Better Manage your Azure Resources

On cloud, applications, hybrid environments and more.  

Improve Cost Management White
Improve Cost Management

Keep, track, review, stay updated – and scale up or down, as needed.  


Optimize Performance White
Optimize Performance

Fine-tune speed & performance. Enhance availability. Reduce downtime. 


Enhance Operational Efficiency White
Enhance Operational Efficiency

Address challenges with due support & literature. Thrive in a community.  


Why atQor?

atQor offers Azure Optimization Services to help partner clients make the most of their investments on the cloud. With our services, you get a better visibility into your spending and resource usage. With expertise and regular guidance, you reduce costs, make informed decisions, implement cost saving measures and establish effective governance practices.   

Passionate & Expert In Microsoft Technologies Blue Passionate & Expert In Microsoft Technologies White

Passionate & Expert in Microsoft Technologies – Working collaboratively & constructively with Microsoft Cloud and Solutions for over 2 decades.

Integrity & Transparency Blue Integrity & Transparency White

Integrity & Transparency – Backed by a consistently excellent service delivery track record & a great team culture, atQor offers great value to its clients & projects.

Microsoft Solutions Partner For Azure Cloud Functions Blue Microsoft Solutions Partner For Azure Cloud Functions White

Microsoft Solutions Partner for Azure Cloud Functions – One among the first in the world to be awarded this prestigious new designation by Microsoft.

Unmatched Expertise In Delivering Azure Solutions Blue Unmatched Expertise In Delivering Azure Solutions White

Unmatched Expertise in delivering Azure Solutions – Azure Expert MSP, Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud & Cloud Productivity. Also experienced in offering full range of Azure solutions.

Capabilities or Services of Azure Optimization Services

Let’s help you review your existing Azure resources and their usage. The consumption clinic reviews help organizations find better alternatives and best practices to gain more from less.  

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates Blue Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates White

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates

ARM templates help define and deploy your Azure infrastructure as code. By using infrastructure-as-code principles, you can automate the deployment and configuration of resources. This ensures consistency and reduces manual effort. ARM templates enable efficient resource, and improve deployment speed and accuracy. 

Azure Monitor Blue Azure Monitor White

Azure Monitor

Azure Monitor helps optimize the performance and availability of applications and resources in the Azure Cloud. It provides comprehensive monitoring capabilities for Azure services, virtual machines, containers etc. Track metrics, set up alerts, and gain insights to monitor applications’ health and performance, allowing proactive redressal and optimized performance. 

Azure Advisor Blue Azure Advisor White

Azure Advisor

Azure Advisor is a tool that provides recommendations for optimizing your Azure resources. It analyzes resource configurations, usage patterns, and best practices to suggest improvements in areas such as security, performance, and cost optimization. It also offers actionable insights to help you optimize your Azure deployments.  

Azure Logic Apps Blue Azure Logic Apps White

Azure Logic Apps

A cloud-based service that enables automation and orchestration of workflows across different systems and services. By leveraging Logic Apps, you can optimize processes, streamline integrations, and improve overall efficiency. It allows you to connect various Azure services and external systems to create powerful and scalable workflows. 

Azure Auto Scaling Blue Azure Auto Scaling White

Azure Auto Scaling

Azure Auto Scaling enables you to automatically adjust the number of resources, such as virtual machines or containers, based on workload demands. It ensures that you have the right load of resources available to handle traffic spikes or high-demand periods, optimizing performance and cost-efficiency. 

Microsoft Solutions Partner For Azure Cloud Functions Blue Microsoft Solutions Partner For Azure Cloud Functions White

Azure Functions

A serverless compute service, allowing running event-driven code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. It enables you to execute code in response to triggers, such as HTTP requests, messages from queues, or changes in data. Optimize resource utilization, scale dynamically, and reduce costs, by leveraging Azure Functions. 

What do you get with Azure Optimization Services

Tools and insights to help organizations monitor, manage, and optimize Azure Cloud costs. Allows you to track spending, set budgets, and save costs. Identify underutilized resources, optimize resource allocation, and leverage Azure Reserved Instances to reduce costs. 

Basis thorough assessments, the clinic provides customized recommendations and best practices to optimize Azure costs. These may include rightsizing virtual machines, leveraging Azure Reserved Instances or Azure Hybrid Benefit, optimizing storage usage, managing networking costs, and utilizing cost-saving features such as auto-scaling and serverless technologies. 

Azure Consumption Clinic also focuses on establishing governance practices and policies to manage resource consumption and costs across your organization. It helps define cost control measures, establish resource tagging and categorization standards, and implement role-based access controls, ensuring provisioning and managing of resources in a controlled/ compliant manner. 

Optimization services include knowledge transfer and training sessions to empower your team with the skills and knowledge required for effective Azure management. This may involve educating personnel on Azure cost optimization best practices, on Azure cost management tools, while sharing industry insights and trends. 

Get ongoing support to continue optimizing Azure consumption and costs. The services assist in establishing cost monitoring mechanisms, tracking cost-saving initiatives, and reviewing the effectiveness of implemented optimizations. Regular check-ins and reporting help identify new opportunities. 

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