A comprehensive unit of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services and cognitive APIs to help organizations build intelligent applications for operational use.

atQor’s Cognitive Services gather & deliver AI technologies within reach of every developer without expecting any expertise in machine-learning algorithms. The services take an API call to integrate the automated abilities like to see, search, understand, hear, speak, and stabilize decision-making into the applications. It adds values to the developers’ skillset with which they can easily add AI capabilities to the required apps.


The Team of atQor has thoroughly researched the existing market trends, industrial prospects, operational processes, organizations’ providing, and products, considering which the team recommends the business’s best cognitive solution for domain-specific growth.


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Cognitive Services

Our Azure AI Cognitive Services

Computer Vision White (1)
Computer Vision

The service of Computer Vision that we provide enables your organization to recognize the worthy information embedded within the visual content comprising images and videos. Our platform allows you to operate with image processing and image interpretation at a level that is unachievable by the human eye due to powerful algorithms and machine learning models.

Natural Language Processing White
Natural Language Processing

One of the advantages of our Natural Language Processing service is the ability to apply text analytics to the extraction of high-value ideas from unstructured text files. We cover the whole spectrum of text analytics, such as sentiment analysis, entity extraction, language understanding, and text generation. That way, you will be able to get the information you need, no matter what kind of data it is—emails, documents, social media posts, and so on.

AI Speech White
Speech Recognition

Have your applications and services enjoy greater engagement and a higher level of natural interactions with speech recognition technologies. Our range of speech recognition services is diverse; it starts from the recognition of spoken words into text to the understanding of voice commands in real-time, and it does not stop there because we ensure that the speech recognition services we deliver are accurate and reliable.

Language Translation White
Language Translation

The language barrier has never been challenged by the language translation service, and we do appreciate the offering. Advancing computer translation models is the key to our business success, and with this technology, you can fluently translate text between multiple languages promptly and accurately.

Anomaly Dеtеction Prowеss White
Anomaly Detection

Spot abnormal behaviors with the help of our Anomaly Detection service and identify patterns and values that do not belong to the same group. This can be fulfilled by implementing strong statistical algorithms and machine learning models so that deviations from normal behavior in real-time can be detected early and preventive measures can be taken promptly, reducing the risks.

Enhance Personalization White
Personalization and Recommendation

Empower your users through our personalized recommendation service to better cater to their needs. We conduct a comprehensive survey of our target users and their behavior by analyzing their past interactions to customize the content, products, and services based on user preferences. Thus, the following are increased: engagement, loyalty, and conversion rates.

How Cognitive Services Consultation is beneficial?

Cognitive Services Consultation applies AI to more development scenarios with the most extensive profile of domain-specific Automation capabilities in the market.

Build AI Services For The Organization Build AI Services For The Organization White

Build AI services for the organization

Avail Computer Vision, Speech, And Language Avail Computer Vision, Speech, And Language White

Avail computer vision, speech, and language

Remove Machine Learning Competency Expertise Requirement Remove Machine Learning Competency Expertise Requirement White

Remove machine learning competency expertise requirement

Configure Extra Rich Information From Images Configure Extra Rich Information From Images White

Configure extra rich information from images

Gather Cognitive Insights Gather Cognitive Insights White

Gather cognitive Insights

Cognitive Services Offering

As a Microsoft Partner, we offer Azure Cognitive Services-based solutions to help organizations create intelligent applications.

Challenges We Solve

With our expertise in Microsoft technologies and deep domain knowledge, we specialize in addressing the following critical challenges faced by businesses in their journey toward modernization and innovation:

Legacy System Modernization Blue Legacy System Modernization White

Legacy System Modernization

Several other companies are also confronted with the issue of outdated legacy systems that cannot accommodate flexibility, growth, and innovation. We have accumulated all the necessary skills to ensure that companies switch from the old infrastructure to modern and cloud-oriented deployments based on Microsoft Azure without any problems. Moreover, we provide a smooth and efficient migration process, maximize ROI, and minimize disruption of business activities.

Data Governance Blue Data Governance White

Data Management and Governance

Managing and carrying out a huge amount of data is a panicky issue for an organization. We assist an organization in developing data management processes and creating detailed governance frameworks on the Azure cloud infrastructure. Data acquisition, storage, processing, and analysis are all the areas where we intervene to ensure organizations can harness the maximum value of their data resources without compromising compliance with regulatory demands and industry standards.

Business Process Automation Blue Business Process Automation White

Business Process Automation

Through outdated, manual, and repetitive tasks, there may be a slowdown in the work process, and business growth may be hindered. The advanced automation technologies that we have perfected are vehicles for the automation of organizational workflows and processes as well. Azure assists companies in identifying automation potential and applying smart solutions striving for efficiency enhancement, cost reduction, and time-to-market speeding.

Security And Compliance Assurance Blue Security And Compliance Assurance White

Cybersecurity and Compliance

The fact that cyber threats are on the rise and the rules are becoming stricter requires that organizations strive to attain a security and compliance posture to stay protected. Our services are cybersecurity and compliance-related, and we typically structure them to fit the unique needs and risk profile of each customer. In addition to implementing state-of-the-art threat recognition and countermeasure systems, we assist in regular audits and evaluations so organizations can have peace of mind when it comes to risk management, data protection, and security compliance.

Why choose atQor?

atQor offers unparalleled expertise in harnessing Azure Cognitive Services, ensuring cutting-edge solutions for diverse needs, backed by robust support and seamless integration.


AI Cognitive Services are becoming more popular because of the functionalities they offer, including computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, translation, emotion detection, and many more. Accessing these services will make it easy for developers to integrate cognitive features into applications that can work for image recognition, text analysis, speech-to-text conversion, and translation between languages without building and training AI models from scratch.

You don't have to be a machine learning expert to use AI cognitive services. They were built to cater to developers with different proficiency levels, from beginners to experts. Microsoft provides APIs and SDKs that are easy to use, but they hide the intricacies of machine learning. In this way, developers can add artificial intelligence features to the applications that they are making by using easy languages and frameworks that they are already accustomed to using.

The AI Cognitive Services operation could be set up within a few clicks on the Azure portal, Visual Studio, or any other development tool. Microsoft supplies SDKs and REST APIs in many languages, including C#, Python, Java, and JavaScript, to simplify communication with AI cognitive services within the code. This data can be called from the API endpoints by making calls, and the results are delivered instantaneously.

Yes, AI cognitive services could be used to create chatbots. Azure suggests a service called Azure Bot Service. With this service, developers can create, deploy, and manage smart chatbots capable of understanding and reacting to natural language. AI cognitive services include language understanding (LUIS) for natural language processing, speech recognition for providing voice input, and text analysis to gauge sentiments. These can be integrated by developers to develop chatbots with advanced intelligence and interactive capabilities, which can be deployed for different kinds of use cases.

AI cognitive services can be personalized to fit a business's peculiarities. Yet, the AI models provided by Microsoft and can be used by everyone are of a very general type and can be applied to many businesses. However, they can also be customized correspondingly to fit the special requirements of specific businesses better. Therefore, developers can develop and train their customized models and use the data to gain high accuracy and relevance in tasks like image recognition, language understanding, or entity identification.

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