Join our hands to get onto the world’s most trusted cloud infrastructure – Azure IaaS - to tap into unmatched expertise, scalability, security & capabilities the platform offers. 

Azure Infrastructure or Azure IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service – refers to a comprehensive set of cloud resources and solutions, which enable businesses to take advantage of the enterprise-grade cloud computing capabilities. With IaaS, the cloud vendor or Azure manages compute, storage and network infrastructure, while everything else is managed by the client. Azure offers a robust set of services and failover model for supporting IaaS. When a business licenses for IaaS, it gets an equivalent of its own physical datacenter in the cloud. A user is given brilliant flexibility and resilience with strong data sovereignty and an ability to choose his/her own data region, based on his/her customers and data proximity and other needs.    


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For IaaS, one doesn’t require on-premises servers or datacenters. With Azure Infrastructure, organizations get secure and agile solutions, without the hassles and costs of maintaining their IT infrastructure in-house. IaaS also allows users to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, while retaining control over the operating systems, applications, and configurations of their virtual machines. 


3 Primary Modules for Azure Cloud


Azure Cloud Computing Services are offered via 3 primary modules –


  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)  
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)  


You can reach out to your Microsoft Solutions Partner to understand which model would work the best for your requirements.  

Why atQor?

Microsoft Solutions Partners White
Microsoft Solutions Partners

atQor is one of the first Microsoft Solutions Partners worldwide to have earned the prestigious badge of Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner.  

22+ Years Of Experience White

22+ years of experience in delivering great value for all kinds of Microsoft solutions, especially Azure Development, Migration and Infrastructure services.  

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Microsoft Cloud Partner

atQor has also been a Partner in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) – which is a sterling indicator of expertise, experience and trustworthiness.  

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Azure Cloud solutions

Equipped to offer end-to-end Azure Cloud solutions, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions.  

Benefits of Azure IaaS

With Azure infrastructure, clients can benefit from the vast array of capabilities and features available for use. These include –  

Flexible & Scalable Blue Flexible & Scalable White

Flexible & Scalable

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure Blue Enterprise Grade Infrastructure White

Enterprise-grade infrastructure – complete compute, store, network capabilities

Unmatched Security & Compliance Blue Unmatched Security & Compliance White

Unmatched security & compliance – Azure Firewall, Azure Front Door, Azure DDoS Protection

Consistent Across On Premises Blue Consistent Across On Premises White

Consistent across on-premises, hybrid & multi-cloud

Cost Effective Blue Cost Effective White

Cost-effective – as customers pay for only what they use.

Range Of Tools To Cater To A Variety Of Requirements Blue Range Of Tools To Cater To A Variety Of Requirements White

Range of tools to cater to a variety of requirements – Azure Virtual Machines, Kubernetes (AKS), Azure Red Hat OpenShift

Features of Azure IaaS

With Azure infrastructure, clients can benefit from the vast array of capabilities and features available for use. These include –  

Compute Features Blue Compute Features White

Compute Features

They include availability sets to secure apps from downtime, along with options like traffic manager, VM scale sets and availability zones to ensure client applications are resilient, available and scalable. 

Storage Features Blue Storage Features White

Storage Features

Multiple storage types with different payment options (hot or cold tier) - are offered by Azure to support applications of all kinds. There are conventional hard disk type storage options, as well as solid state drives. With Azure Files, one can easily migrate even the most traditional files onto the cloud.  

Network Features Blue Network Features White

Network Features

From Virtual Networks (VNs) to Network Peering, Network Gateways and Network Security Groups (NSGs) – capabilities offered by Azure IaaS are vast and extremely useful for the clients. Azure also offers tools for monitoring and troubleshooting network infrastructure as well as Load Balancing services. 

Data Safety And Disaster Recovery Blue Data Safety And Disaster Recovery White

Data Safety and Disaster Recovery

With Azure Storage, Backup, Azure VM Backup, Azure Site Recovery and many other capabilities, clients get unmatched data safety and disaster recovery features.   

Easy Integration Blue Easy Integration White

Easy integration

Easy integration with other Azure services like Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS protection and Azure DNS.   

Why Azure IaaS consultant?

Azure is a complex and ever evolving platform. Consultant personnel undergo regular training. Solutions Partners like atQor have access to important and exclusive updates from Microsoft. This helps clients stay up to date with the latest Azure updates, best practices, and industry trends. 

With their expertise and experience, Azure consultants ensure that client infrastructure is optimized for performance, security and scalability. They also help you pick and choose requisite VMs and other features, capabilities, you pay only for what you use, thereby saving on costs and getting better returns on your investments. 

atQor, as your Azure Infrastructure Consultant, can help you design an architecture, aligned well with your business needs, goals and size – and other critical factors like scalability, availability, compliance, security. Basis a thorough understanding of all these, the consultant provides recommendations for picking the right Azure services, configurations and deployment models. This ensures you take informed decisions and cut back considerably on risks and costly mistakes.  

With their hands-on experience with latest Azure services, tools and deployment methods, Azure MSPs like atQor assist greatly in smooth and efficient implementation and deployment of Azure infrastructure. This includes choosing what is required, configuring virtual networks, deploying VMs, setting up storage, establishing connectivity, applying security measures and optimizing performance.   

It is a must for any cloud infrastructure to have a robust security strategy in place. Your consultant can help you implement this, while keeping you abreast of the latest security features and updates. Designing and implementing a secure network architecture, configuring network security groups, setting up identity and access management, implementing data encryption and applying security controls to protect data and infrastructure are critical aspects, often taken care by Azure infrastructure services.  

Like any other service or digital infrastructure, cloud services are also liable to have downtimes, glitches, data threats and other challenges. Your Azure IaaS service consultant is experienced in dealing with these. They are equipped to identify and resolve issues, investigate performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot connectivity/ configuration issues. Support enhances security, helps you step up at the earliest to deal with any likely disaster or security breach and improves system reliability, ensuring smooth operations.  

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