Information plays a critical role in today's business milieu, and any loss of data could have adverse ramifications for an organization. That is why each year, companies spend millions of dollars on protecting their sensitive information.

Information Protection engages security software solutions, encryption, and high-end technology with policies and operational processes for information security. The goal of Information Protection is to maintain business integrity, project confidentiality, and information availability. It is precisely focused on achieving such a goal through information security, ensuring the quality, reliability, and retrievability of data, in addition to keeping all necessary measures.


We provide data security solutions under the comprehensive package known as Microsoft Information Protection. These products cover an extensive range, are highly flexible, integrated, and provide additional coverage from ecosystem partners.


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Information Protection

Information Protection Threats

49 Per

Breaches involve the theft of personal information

30 Per

Organizations suffered a ransomware attack in the past year

Information Protection Services

Being a decade-old Microsoft Gold Partner, we are proficient in deploying tools like Microsoft 365 Data Loss Prevention, Bitlocker, and Azure Information Protection. These tools not only bolster your security but also encourage productivity and collaboration as they make information more accessible.

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