Specialists to aid your on-cloud movement, management, migration, app-building & more – Microsoft Azure Expert MSPs are equipped to support your business, through essentials step of new-age digitalization.

A certified and trusted Azure MSP – with an Expert status awarded by Microsoft - is your best bet to get onto the world’s most-loved cloud – Azure – securely, swiftly and cost effectively. atQor was awarded this status – in the year 2022 - for delivering top-tier Microsoft Azure cloud lifecycle solutions.


Microsoft Azure MSP or Managed Services Partner was originally a program created to assist businesses in utilizing Azure's cloud capabilities, while lowering the complexity and workload related to managing cloud infrastructure. These third-party partners enable cloud movement, management, integration, and variety of capabilities with utmost security, flexibility and cost optimization. The MSP is equipped to offer a range of services and support to assist organizations in quickly and effectively achieving a variety of their objectives.

Azure Data Services

Adopting the cloud can help businesses in many ways, including better scalability, lower costs, and greater productivity. Cloud movement, migration, integration, maintenance etc., however, require knowledge and expertise – which is forthcoming, when a business invests in a right Azure MSP. And who can be a better choice for this than the one who is already a Microsoft established Expert i.e., an Azure Expert MSP - like atQor. The right partner brings on board the skills, knowledge and resources needed to deliver efficient cloud solutions, customized and continually evolved, to the unique needs of an organization. Microsoft MSPs are trained to adhere to highly efficient and secure structured procedures and industry best practices, which ensures reduced risks and downtimes.


Still wondering about partnering with an Expert Managed Services Provider like atQor? Well, here are a few more reasons to consider this – 


  • Expedited deployments.  
  • Customized solutions.  
  • Industry-led best practices. 
  • Guaranteed smooth transitions.  
  • Great ROIs.  
  • Certified Azure personnel. 


Our teams are trained and experienced to help you get the best out of numerous powerful Microsoft Platforms, including Azure. Also, our Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Windows and SQL Server Migration team has achieved the elite credentials of delivering success for various environments, i.e., on-premises, co-located, or provided via a legacy private Cloud platform. We have worked for clients across the globe, in countries like US, Canada, India, UAE etc. With us, you can be assured that your business’ digital transformation is risk-averse and is in reliable and safe hands. Moreover, with Azure migration, atQor offers multiple Azure Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Managed Services, covering all the in-use services of customers via our Cloud Management Platform with Premium Support Service.


The Azure Expert MSP status is an advanced specialization over and above the latest Microsoft Solutions Partner status for any or all of the 6 major competencies (announced by Microsoft in October 2022). This goes to say that atQor has duly earned both these designations and is equipped to enable the whole spectrum of cloud capabilities for all scales, sizes and types of businesses.    



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atQor Services Offered

Migration Solutions

Stay secure and sorted, as you let trained and experienced atQor personnel handle mission critical migrations to the Azure Cloud. 

AI White
Data & AI Solutions

Let’s help you get more out of your data by centralizing, modernizing or data warehousing. We also help our clients leverage AI and Machine Learning through Azure Cloud or connect to IoT devices.

Cloud White
Cloud-Native Development

Make the most of the Azure Cloud capabilities as our experts help you modernize your applications, or develop custom solutions, using Azure DevOps, GitHub or Azure Kubernetes Services. 

Strategy White
Strategy and Managed Services

Which Cloud operating model are you considering? How can you migrate to Cloud to get more out of your infrastructure? atQor helps you with Azure strategy and complete Managed Services. 

Why does my business need an Azure Expert MSP?

An Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP) like atQor is a services partner chosen by Microsoft itself. This ensures that our personnel have access to regular training and exclusive events, ensuring updates and certifications. Our infrastructure meets regularly assessed requirements and we meet mandatory tech and business capability criteria and pass third-party audits.

Employee Verification Requirements Employee Verification Requirements White

Verified Capability

120 Microsoft Certified Engineers 120 Microsoft Certified Engineers White

Certified Staff

Support And Maintenance Blue Support And Maintenance White

Advanced Support

Training Training White

Exclusive Tools and Training Events

Business Value Business Value White

Great Value on your Investments

Customized Development Blue Customized Development White

Custom Application Development

Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Services

atQor, a certified Microsoft azure partner will help in bringing minimum risk, improved performance, and strict compliance with industry standards if you opt for our Azure MSP Services package.

atQor Azure Expert MSP Engagement


Discover & identify

We discover and identify resources that require migration at the source. 


Designing & Resource Identification

Considering initial assessment, we design the cloud solution for the identified resources. 


Migration Plan Preparation

The team maps dependencies across applications and defines the migration priorities of the resources as per business priorities. 


Resolution Defining

The remediation team helps resolve mitigation issues and then proceed for Apps/Data/Infrastructure/Security Rules set-up as per the plan 



Provide overview training of Azure: Resource Management, Backups, Log Monitoring. 

Why choose atQor as Azure Expert Managed Services Provider?

Selecting an excellent Microsoft Azure Consultant helps to transform your business by using the right tools and processes. Deliver consistency and get high-quality services through the Azure platform. Accelerate your business towards success with the help of an Azure expert managed services provider. 

Proactive Managed Services Proactive Managed Services White

Proactive Managed Services

Accelerate the value of your business using Proactive Managed Services and optimize its performance. 

Advisory On Future Business Cases Advisory On Future Business Cases White

Advisory on Future Business Cases

Reduce cost and increase the efficiency of your cloud investment by using Azure advisory services. Track your progress and follow best practices. 

Smooth Microsoft Cloud Transition Smooth Microsoft Cloud Transition White

Smooth Microsoft Cloud Transition

Make better decisions with Azure services by enabling digital transformation and using smooth Microsoft cloud transition. 

Premier Managed Azure Services Premier Managed Azure Services White

Premier Managed Azure Services

Build focused technology plans and strategies explicitly aligned to meet your business goals. 

Business Growth With Reliable IT Environment Business Growth With Reliable IT Environment White

Business Growth with Reliable IT environment

Achieve your organization’s reliability goals by selecting the right Microsoft Azure certified professionals. 

Improved Infrastructure Operations, Automation Improved Infrastructure Operations, Automation White

Improved Infrastructure Operations, Automation, and Change Management

Improve your cloud reliability by starting your foundation on Azure infrastructure and using automated operations. 

Optimized Costs Higher Savings Blue[1] Optimized Costs Higher Savings White[1]

Cloud Cost Optimization

Get ready to manage and optimize the Azure cost using the best Microsoft Azure practices to improve the ROI.

Improved Security & Identity Management Improved Security & Identity Management White

Improved Security & Identity Management

Secure your network from anywhere using Azure managed services. Azure services provide excellent security with seamless integration. 

24X7 Availability & Escalation To Microsoft Advanced 24X7 Availability & Escalation To Microsoft Advanced White

24/7 Availability & Escalation to Microsoft advanced / premier Support

Tailor your support experience by eliminating deployment risks and increasing availability. Use our support team and get a complete solution. 

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