Add value and innovation to your business by transforming globally with Microsoft Cloud for sustainability. 

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability offers a comprehensive solution, including automated enterprise management. As it's built by Microsoft technology, it uses platforms like Dataverse, Power Platform, Power BI, and Microsoft Azure. Organizations can streamline their data collection, monitor, and track data, integrate, analyze, generate reports, and provide users with a single data view. With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, one can collect data from various internal and external systems and use IoT for easy monitoring. It's effortless to use Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability, and adding user experience is the best part of using this technology.


The technology is for everyone, such as investors, suppliers, and customers looking to increase their business globally by adding robust, sustainable initiatives. As a Microsoft Solution Partner company, atQor offers an excellent solution for companies to help them achieve sustainability goals. We have certified Cloud experts who can guide you to drive digital transformations and build a sustainable IT infrastructure based on your business requirements.


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Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability Business Capabilities

Unified Data Intelligence Whitte
Unified Data Intelligence

Streamline the process and calculation by driving sustainability and continuously improving your business system. As a cloud consulting service provider, we build a thriving, sustainable strategy to deliver accurate and real-time footprints of Carbon and water.

Sustainable IT Infrastructure White
Sustainable IT Infrastructure

Create carbon and energy efficiency to identify opportunities and replace tools by reducing the impact of environmental operations impact. One can adopt Microsoft Azure and AI services to migrate workload and optimize IT deployment to configure IT systems, tools, and processes. 

Reduce Environment Impact White
Reduce Environment Impact

By using the correct data intelligence tool, organizations drive efficiency to get clean energy by deploying smart infrastructure. Reduce energy consumption, maximize efficiency, and enable data-driven operations by collaborating and proper planning.

Creating Sustainable Chains White
Creating Sustainable Chains 

It's one of the sustainable solutions that help organizations manage their supply chain in real-time by digitally connecting with them. Improve transparency and gain visibility by reducing emissions and environmental pollution.

Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey to Net Zero with atQor and Microsoft.

Connect with people, processes, and products by using Microsoft sustainability solutions. Microsoft Azure cloud services are designed specifically to share vision and deliver outstanding strategy and solutions along with a sustainable business landscape.

Get The Visibility To Improve Sustainability Blue Get The Visibility To Improve Sustainability White

Get the visibility to improve sustainability.

Monitor, Track And Minimize The Environmental Footprint Blue Monitor, Track And Minimize The Environmental Footprint White

Monitor, track and minimize the environmental footprint.

Identify The Opportunities To Replace Systems And Tools Blue Identify The Opportunities To Replace Systems And Tools White

Identify the opportunities to replace systems and tools. 

Add Enhanced Accountability By Creating Sustainable Value Chains Blue Add Enhanced Accountability By Creating Sustainable Value Chains White

Add enhanced accountability by creating sustainable value chains.

Enable a Sustainable Future with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

Sustainable Transformation Blue Sustainable Transformation White

Sustainable Transformation

Today's businesses face energy crises and shifting priorities to adapt to business-changing standards. With Microsoft Cloud for sustainability, accelerate your business growth and get global solutions based on your industry and business needs.

Meet Report Requirements Blue Meet Report Requirements White

Meet Report Requirements

With Microsoft Sustainability Manager, users can get a complete view of their environmental impact. Use the reporting capabilities features to resolve your complex operations and help customers organize data with proper tracking and building custom reporting.

Accelerating Sustainable Process With AI Blue Accelerating Sustainable Process With AI White

Accelerating Sustainable Process with AI

The industry powered by AI plays an excellent role in revolutionizing the industry, helping to optimize the customer's requirements, and detecting anomalies. This AI feature will minimize food waste in the retail sector by increasing renewable energy production. 

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At atQor, we have the best Microsoft cloud service team to assist organizations in tracking their carbon footprints across the entire operations with improved visibility using the Microsoft cloud for sustainability services. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft service provider, we help companies increase efficiency and create a competitive edge across countries like India, the US, and Canada. Choose our service for one of your industries and drive sustainable business impact.


Yes, Carbon is one of the programs that Microsoft has offered worldwide since 2012, and it is committed to providing carbon-negative by 2030. Well, the main goal of this solution is to promote sustainable development by carrying out low-carbon business practices. As a Microsoft solution partner, we offer the best cloud consulting service and provide ways to fulfill your requirements using proper tools and planning.

The waste data model (Preview) for cloud sustainability allows users to track and achieve the net zero waste sustainability goals. The model is built on the cloud and offers the schema to store and integrate waste and measure the data and waste. It comprises three categories: storing waste quantities, quality characteristics, and sustainability reference data. Use the tool to monitor and generate schema automatically.

Carbon, Ecosystems, Water, and Waste are the main areas that Microsoft Cloud for sustainability mainly impacts. Today, top partners have chosen to implement robust cloud solutions to enable transformation and aim to preserve the environment. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is one type of solution that helps organizations to increase their transparency and get accurate information from dealers. Using Microsoft's Sustainability manager, gain insights and transform your business by reducing the sustainability carbon footprint.

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