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atQor, a well-recognized Microsoft Solution partner company, has 20+ years of experience supporting organizations to start their digital transformation globally. Our Azure expert MSP knows how to add innovation services, including automation, DevOps, and cloud-native application design. As a one-stop shop, we help customers get joint support with a flexible business model. Additionally, we use designing features, including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS offerings. Our Microsoft Azure managed services provider team monitors the Azure performance and gives accurate outcomes.  


As a Microsoft consulting service provider, we leverage end-to-end Azure expertise. We use the best process, including strategy build-up, to realize the full business potential, understand and adapt to various cloud objectives, design the cloud architect, migrate your data to the cloud, and optimize the cloud by adding business operations accordingly. Partnering with Azure-managed services helps to streamline all aspects of cloud transition and add performance, security, and cost-saving Azure services. Now make faster and smarter decisions by growing at your own pace.  


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Wide range of Azure Managed Services 

Azure Modern Monitoring White
Azure Modern Monitoring

Get ready to transform your business using modern monitoring. You need to connect with our Azure consultant and maximize the performance by quickly identifying the problems. 

Azure Compliance White
Azure Compliance

Optimize and strengthen your compliance with Azure and add a Cloud solution. As an Azure managed service provider, our inbuilt security tools and intelligent insights improve your security posture.

Azure Administration White
Azure Administration

Add an Azure based cloud infrastructure where Azure administration is responsible for implementing, maintaining, and monitoring various Azure solutions for storing, networking, and computing. 

Azure Usage Optimization White
Azure Usage Optimization

Determine the cloud and container automatically to reduce the cost and overall help to maximize the performance using Azure usage optimization. Integrate the automated tool and get continuous cloud optimization.

Azure Troubleshooting White
Azure Troubleshooting

As an Azure managed support services provider, our Azure expert troubleshoot the system to the latest version, support easy configuration implementation, and helps user resolve issues quickly. 

Azure Migration White
Azure Migration 

Effortlessly embrace Azure with our migration expertise. Through comprehensive assessments, risk mitigation strategies, and robust security measures, we guarantee a seamless transition to Azure for your organization.

Azure Cybersecurity White
Azure Cybersecurity

Our Azure consultant team uses security tools and capabilities offered by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. These tools help manage a wide range of infrastructure and various operational controls. 

Azure Support White
Azure Support

As a Microsoft consulting service provider, we offer several support plans explicitly designed based on industry-specific needs. Connect with our Azure developer and get technical support from professionals. 

Process we follow for Azure Managed Services

Consulting Blue Consulting White


As an Azure consulting service provider, we guide businesses to add automation to their project to enhance efficiency, growth, and profitability. Consult our Microsoft Azure Cloud Managed Services team and make the right choice for organizations.

Solution Blue Solution White


After consultation with our Azure expert MSP, we offer solutions that drive innovation and keep your Azure operation running smoothly. Keep your Azure infrastructure stable by adding excellent design, support solutions, and transparent managed services.

Migration Blue Migration White


Lastly, our professional Azure team moves your site by providing excellent security and migration services. Streamline the process and migrate the on-premises workload to Azure by connecting with our Azure-managed service team and using a robust platform.


As an Azure managed service provider, we have a team that offers expert guidance for the best cloud service that easily suits your business demands. Our Azure cloud platform professionals can manage your project and configure it accordingly. After the system is configured successfully, use our wide range of project services that deploy into the environment, and with this, you create an amazing Azure portal. Lastly, reduce downtime and continuously monitor the environment using our Azure services.

Non-IT companies: With this, one can incorporate Azure services on-premises and gain high customer gratification at a low cost. 

Software Product Enterprises: We know that IT infrastructure is essential, and when configuring service, the system will bring constant evolution. 

Our Azure managed service consultant team guide Azure developer to replace the standard storage and networking with adding excellent delivery capabilities. Additionally, our team is aware of cloud security and storage and offer typically integrated process. As a Microsoft consulting service provider, we help customers to get the best value solutions that meet their business requirements.

Many businesses can shift their focus towards adding an excellent core value and performing the best IT services. Azure managed services support users in tracking and monitoring their documentation by keeping up with their upcoming technologies. Use the service to decrease downtime and protect your organization from threats.

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