Accelerate your digital transformation journey – as you empower teams, enhance operational efficiency, deliver innovative solutions, mitigate risks & frauds and unify data – with Cloud for Fin Services.  

Does your organization provide financial and monetary services, pertaining to transactions dealing in currency exchange, investments, deposits, loans, insurance, debts etc.? You are an important part of the mammoth financial services industry that’s key to growth, stability and development of any country and society. The dealings and workings of a financial institution are extremely dynamic yet sensitive. Information, data, operations, processes, security, regulatory & compliance requirements are all continually in motion, and so are the tumultuous external influences and the need to keep up with them all. Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is just the right remedy for binding together, securing and streamlining your services, processes and teams – digitally, on the cloud, backed by the latest & best in information technology. When you opt for this revolutionary industry-specific cloud service, you prepare your business and operations for the future. 

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With excellent capabilities to manage and mine data, orchestrate and deliver customized experiences, enable and empower teams and prevent and combat financial crime – Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services is a non-negotiable toolkit to have in your armour. As you opt for this specialized service, you get features like self-serve tools, 360 degrees profiling for clients, workflow automation, best-in-class cloud computing facilities, real-time reporting and financial summarizing at your fingertips – and more. Get all easily, conveniently and tailor-made for your business requirements with atQor – a Microsoft Solutions Partner, an award winning Azure Cloud consultant – trusted for bringing excellent cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes and scales.  

Capabilities/ Features of Cloud for Financial Services

Enhanced Customer & Employee Experiences Blue Enhanced Customer & Employee Experiences White

Enhanced Customer & Employee Experiences

Get access to features like unified customer profile for retail banking as well as wealth management facilities, streamlined customer onboarding and loan processes – to ensure delivering unprecedented client experiences. Bring together your teams like never before with tools like Collaboration Manager and other banking customer engagement tools.    

Industry Specific Templates Blue Industry Specific Templates White

Industry Specific Templates

With the industry-specific cloud solutions, you get access to tailored templates, workflows, and data models pre-configured to meet the needs and dynamism of financial arena and institutions. These smart templates accelerate the implementation of many routine and mundane activities and use-cases, such as customer onboarding, account management, risk management, fraud detection, and regulatory reporting. 

Data & Analytics Blue Data & Analytics White

Data & Analytics

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services leverages Azure's powerful data and analytics capabilities to enable financial institutions to derive insights from their data. It provides tools for data integration, data lakes, advanced analytics, and machine learning to drive better decision-making, risk assessment, and customer engagement. 

Core Banking And Payments Blue Core Banking And Payments White

Core Banking and Payments

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services offers capabilities to modernize core banking systems and streamline payment processes. With this, you get access to tools for transaction processing, core banking integration, and real-time payments, which enable your financial business to work better by enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring faster, more secure delivery of payment services. 

Integration With Partner Ecosystem Blue Integration With Partner Ecosystem White

Integration with Partner Ecosystem

Integrates with a broad ecosystem of partners specializing in financial services with the Cloud. Leverage other Microsoft solutions as well as third-party solutions and services to further extend the functionality and customization of this cloud offering. With pick and choose integrations, you can create your very own version of what works the best for your system! 

Financial Crime Safeguarding Blue Financial Crime Safeguarding White

Financial Crime Safeguarding

Stay protected against fraudulent activity with superior data protection and timely identification of bot attacks, fake accounts or potential account takeovers. Advanced adaptive AI tools enable defense for online transactions against possible purchase frauds. Take advantage of Azure’s robust security features for advanced threat protection, data encryption and regulatory compliance.  

Benefits of Cloud for Financial Services

With pay-as-you-go models, the cloud services enable you to take on data storage capabilities as per your requirements, and scale up/ down flexibly and cost effectively. This also ensures you save on heavy upfront costs required for setting up on-premises storage servers.  

Azure Security is globally accepted and renowned. With Microsoft Cloud, you get to access this industry compliant, extremely well-knit security system that’s a must for all the sensitive financial information and customer data your business deals with. Security features by MS cloud also enable multiple protection layers as well as risk mitigation and protection against financial crimes, cyber attacks etc.  

The strict requirement for regulatory compliance in financial set-ups is the stuff legends are made of. With the stringent data privacy and security norms followed as a part of the cloud infrastructure, you automatically get access to world-class regulatory practices. With support and expert help for detailed compliance assessments, these tricky areas become least of your concerns, when on the cloud. 

With the varied profiles of customers in a financial services business – customer profiling and relationship management are of great importance. With right cloud facilities and strategies, you can create unified customer profiles and ensure bringing them personalized service bundles, ensuring great experiences, customer satisfaction and loyalty.   

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