Achieve higher performance and scalability by adopting our Cloud Migration and Implementation services into your business.

atQor, a leading Microsoft Solution Partner company, offers a cloud migration solution to help organizations migrate and deploy their assets in the cloud. With cloud computing services, businesses can design innovative, user-friendly applications, enhance security, add time-saving features, and more to grow their business globally. Through cloud migration services, our cloud consultant guides you through adding digital transformation using the right cloud strategy and building excellent workflow solutions for your businesses.


With 20+ years of experience as a Cloud consulting service provider, we transform how things work best for you and your business. Use our cloud implementation services and add an end-to-end approach, including cloud migration, strategy, security consultant, and other cloud infrastructure management. We have a certified and professional team of developers, business analysts, and DevOps to provide well-performing and safe cloud environments.


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Cloud Computing Environment Types for Your Unique Business Security Need 


Public Cloud


The public cloud can be easily accessed through web browsers, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. It comes with identity management, access controls, and various security features to protect your environment. 


Private Cloud


The private cloud allows enterprises to access it from a single organization. A few of them include IBM, HP Enterprise, and more. Connect with our expert to prevent data breaches and various other exploits.  


Hybrid Cloud


Hybrid Cloud is a merger of both public and private cloud environments. It helps organizations to increase data control and resources by adding flexibility and scalability to ensure excellent workloads in optimal environments.  

Cloud Implementation Services

Cloud Strategy Development White
Cloud Strategy Development

Connecting with our cloud consulting service provider helps customers plan their outline by adding best practices, services, and tools. Add benefits to your organization by ensuring you have a successful plan for meeting customers' critical business requirements.

Cloud Architecture Development White
Cloud Architecture Development

Our cloud development team can merge all software and hardware components required to build a cloud. We offer an infrastructure for customers to scale their business requirements and pre-built your architecture based on your custom business needs.

Cloud Design White
Cloud Design

As a cloud implementation service provider, we follow strategies to deliver effective outcomes. If you have existing cloud infrastructure, our team supports you to optimize it throughout the system and design it from scratch based on your business flow.

Cloud Optimization White
Cloud Optimization

As a cloud optimization consulting service provider, we help organizations improve performance, save money, and reduce risk while running applications. Get efficiency for your enterprise by using our smooth and subsequent analysis.

Infrastructure Management White
Infrastructure Management

Manage your IT policies and processes with the use of our IMS services. Streamline your business by monitoring the service performance, identifying the network threats, and reducing the downtime of repairs. Connect with our IMS solution provider and give your customer an excellent experience.

Cloud Platform Implementation White
Cloud Platform Implementation

Whether you plan to move to a public, private, or hybrid cloud, our cloud implementation service developers provide expertise to fulfil your business requirements. Connect to our cloud expert, use the right cloud strategy, and grow your business globally with increased customer loyalty.

Why atQor for Cloud Migration and Implementation services?

Our Cloud implementation and Migration services help industries of all sizes build a top-notch cloud infrastructure to bring businesses benefits for long-term plans. Connecting with our cloud migration enables users to use intelligent platforms and deliver impactful results.

20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development Blue 20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development White

20+ Years of Experience

Cloud Migration And DR Blue Cloud Migration And DR White

Cloud Migration and DR

Certified Cloud Professionals Blue Certified Cloud Professionals White

Certified Cloud Professionals

Security And Identity Management Blue Security And Identity Management White

Security and Identity Management

Governance And Policy Blue Governance And Policy White

Governance and Policy

Continuous Configuration Management Blue Continuous Configuration Management White

Continuous Configuration Management

Capacity And Resources Optimization Blue Capacity And Resources Optimization White

Capacity and Resources Optimization

Cloud Optimization And Cost Transparency Blue Cloud Optimization And Cost Transparency White

Cloud Optimization and Cost Transparency

Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner Blue Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner White

Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner

Cloud Migration Services and Solutions

Cloud Migration Blue Cloud Migration White

Cloud Migration Consulting

Cloud migration is essential for businesses to migrate their assets quickly. Our Cloud migration consulting services professionals use smart features to enhance security and grow your business globally. Our cloud experts guide users to manage their workload across various cloud environments.

Cloud Application Migration Planning Cloud Application Migration Planning White

Cloud Application Migration

With decades of experience as a cloud service provider, our team uses a process to shift software apps from one computing environment to another. Connect with cloud experts to migrate and get scalability to meet the customer's requirements. We use best practices to help you achieve your business goals.

Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure White

Cloud Infrastructure Migration 

Add a physical cloud infrastructure to collect software and hardware elements such as storage, computing power, and networking to enhance collaboration. Get ready to meet your business requirements and migrate your infrastructure using our cloud computing services.


Cloud implementation works as a process to integrate business operations using cloud computing services. Using this, one can quickly move their data, applications, management, and customizations to meet the business goals. Moreover, the cloud implementation process includes planning, implementing, and operating workload on the cloud. 

Yes, we do make tools work best for you. Our cloud implementation services combine technical expertise and functional knowledge, adding creative solutions, deploying the cloud strategy, and achieving excellent business processes. Our cloud consultant and implementation team know how to resolve complex problems and help run your business within budget.

All of it depends on the project's scope and complexity of the work. Moreover, time varies based on the project and its functionalities. The approx. The time it requires is from a few weeks to a few months. Bitscape, one of the leading cloud migration companies, is committed to delivering projects before deadlines and adding high-quality standards.

To protect your cloud infrastructure, our cloud experts provide secure access to the cloud, provide visibility with monitoring employees, manage user access privilege, respond to security, and ensure the user easily meets compliance requirements.

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