Transform your business with Azure AI Consulting Services and build innovative AI Solutions. 

atQor is a leading Microsoft Solution partner company responsible for providing the best responsive AI solutions to modernize businesses globally. Using our Azure AI consulting services, we help create intelligent applications using simple and customized models. Our Azure AI consultant can enable business transformation by providing custom Azure AI Solutions. Many AI components, including Machine Learning, Mining for knowledge, Apps powered using Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Agents, help modernize business operations quickly. 


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We have worked on numerous projects for different industries over the years. We provide our customers with accurate and valuable model consulting that helps them drive consistent business results. Our Azure experts in consulting and development have vast experience in offering Azure solutions and using robust MLops. Connect with an AI consulting services and solutions company to achieve your business objective faster and set up sustainable business growth.

Azure AI Consulting Solutions using Azure AI Services

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Applied AI Services

Modernize your business process faster with Azure AI services and automate document processing, look for the root cause of anomalies, get better customer service, and extract insights using the best AI models. Use AI to safeguard your organization and run it from anywhere.

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Cognitive Services

Azure Cognitive Services helps AI developers to improve customer experience through Cognitive Services search for speech, language, vision, and decision and use advanced models with Azure OpenAI services. Use AI concepts and build your own Azure AI solutions.

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Machine Learning 

With Azure Machine Learning, users, developers, and data scientists can build, deploy, and manage models by accelerating time and value based on customer’s business requirements. Collaborate and streamline models in multiple environments with MLops.

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AI Infrastructure

Use the most powerful and scalable AI models to perform better, meet AI demands, and accelerate large-scale AI while confidently empowering decision-making skills. Our Azure developers add the advanced infrastructure using generative and boost your business productivity.

Capabilities Businesses get with Azure AI Consulting

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With Azure AI services, users can use seamless AI workloads that can easily handle large datasets and resolve complex computations.

Customization & Flexibility Blue Customization & Flexibility White

Customization and Flexibility

Several pre-built models are available to help businesses get quick deployments. Use Azure AI to add custom and specific model requirements based on industry. 

Machine Learning Lifecycle Management Blue Machine Learning Lifecycle Management White

Machine Learning Lifecycle Management

With Machine Learning tools, users can preprocess data and deploy models by simplifying monitoring the AI development process.

Robust Security And Compliance Blue Robust Security And Compliance White

Robust Security and Compliance

With Azure AI, you get excellent data protection, which offers the best enterprise-grade security measures and safeguards personal and sensitive information.

Pre Built Solutions Blue Pre Built Solutions White

Pre-built Solutions

Use the pre-built tool to add cognitive services like speech recognition, vision, and language, which do not require deep AI expertise.

Integrated Development Blue Integrated Development White

Integrated Development

Several integration tools, including GitHub, Visual Studio, and more, provide the users with the best cohesive development experience.

Azure AI Consulting Services to Create Intelligent Apps

Add innovation and improve business productivity by adopting AI services and solutions. Connect to our Azure AI Consultant and use your organization's advanced analytics capabilities, adding data migration, business insights, generative AI, and other data-driven improvements.


Azure is a Microsoft cloud platform utilizing AI services such as cognitive, machine learning, and Azure Bot services. Use these services to enable automation, analytics, and intelligent applications.

Azure AI can add a lot of business security by driving innovation, efficiency, and competitive edge to ensure the user gets security, scalability, and evolution based on the digital landscape.  


  • Competitive Advantage 
  • Integration 
  • Cost-Efficiency 
  • Data-driven decision making  
  • Security 
  • Skilled Ecosystem 

Leverage Azure’s powerful AI capabilities by connecting with the company of Microsoft Azure AI consulting service. Get solutions, including efficiency and innovation, and ensure businesses get real solutions based on their needs. Streamline operations by adding automated tasks and redefining your business potential by transforming your business for tomorrow.

Azure AI offers both a no-code solution and a code-based solution. Working on a Machine learning task includes coding at a certain level to create custom models. With Azure Cognitive service, customers use APIs and tools of Power Platform to carry on functions with a no-code solution.

Usually, it depends on the project scope and requirements of the business. After proper analysis, our team will provide estimates and timelines based on your project and industry needs.

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