Collect. Detect. Investigate. Respond. 


With Azure Sentinel, the Next-Generation Security SIEM solution that Protects your Digital Estate with Robust, Intelligent, and Comprehensive Security Capabilities. 

It’s time to modernize your Security Operation System with an intelligent threat protection solution offered by Microsoft Sentinel. With evolve of the threat landscape, protecting your hybrid cloud environment with a comprehensive, trusted solution is the need of today’s modern businesses.  


The modernized Microsoft Sentinel is a comprehensive security solution that protects your cloud environment with world-class security expertise and thorough threat intelligence. Microsoft Sentinel keeps your business ecosystem one step ahead by detecting uncovered threats and empowers your security operation team to defend your organization fearlessly.  

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Embark on Microsoft Sentinel with atQor’s Microsoft Azure Sentinel integration services. We empower your security operation team with the latest threat detection solution that aids your SecOps team in detecting attacks, investigating related alerts, and aiding in searching historical data.  


We are Cyber Defenders – shielding a range of organizations for 21 years to stop cyber threats all day. Everyday. Our job is to mitigate threats so your business keeps moving securely today and in the future.  

Four Reasons to Choose atQor as Your Microsoft Sentinel Consultant

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Cybersecurity that you can count on

Your business runs on information and data. And we are aware of your concern about the protection of your data. Regardless, you can stay relaxed. We are certified Microsoft MSP experts, providing scalable and secure data protection to our customers with advanced technology. Businesses can count on us for comprehensive security solutions that secure your business and allow you to focus on what matters.

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Trusted Solution with Corresponding Partnership

We know cyber risks are broader-level problems. It is a continuity threat that might snatch peaceful sleep at night. Don’t worry; we have solutions for that. We deliver capable, trusted, and bespoken services at scale with high human touch and embedded with the latest technologies. Partnering with atQor will help organizations provide tailored advice and complete visibility to ensure peace of mind. 

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One-Stop Responsive Solutions

Rapidly responding to incidents is needed for modern business infrastructure. Taking a week or days to respond makes organizations struggle to respond and identify malicious behavior. Hence atQor provides the capacity and capabilities to respond to incidents faster via AI automation, SOAR platform, incident response playbook, and certified incident handlers to contain threats quickly and responsibly.

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Energetic Tech-smart Team

Our team comprises passionate professionals and IT Engineers who are ready to take your business wherever you need to go. Our IT experts are certified, familiar, and experienced to respond to your business challenges rapidly and can provide intelligent solutions quickly. We ensure our team can is efficient to make your organization wholly secure and protected while on the cloud or on-premises.

Keep your Business Safe, Secure, and Running with Reduce Security Cost of Microsoft Sentinels  


Invest wisely in security rather than expensing on infrastructure setups and maintenance with the first cloud-native SIEM Microsoft sentinels. Drive automation, robust security, and lethal protection employing Microsoft Sentinels with cost-efficient deployment prices. 


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Using Microsoft Pay-as-you-go services, organizations can save up to 80% on security-associated expenses. Pay-as-you-go pricing is based on paying only for services you used without providing any upfront commitments and cancellations at any time. 


Reduced Security and Compliance costs:

Using third-party cybersecurity can cost up to USD$63, which can be reduced USD$24 by inducing Microsoft-driven E5 capabilities with Microsoft 365.  


One Platform for All Solutions:

According to reports, a large organization needs approximately 75 security solutions to secure its infrastructure from different vendors. Embarking on Microsoft Azure security can eliminate burdensome security management and reduce costs.  

Great Teams with Intelligent Tools Can Achieve Amazing Things…

Deliver the tools that make your employees thrive with AI, automation, and unmatched investment in threat intelligence. Microsoft Sentinel, the cloud-native threat defender tool, is developed for today’s comprehensive security and protection purposes. Hence, drive modernization, speed, and more security with Microsoft sentinel capabilities:

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Accumulate Data at Cloud Scale

To shield your complete business infrastructure suite Microsoft Sentinel, connect your logs easily with a built-in data connector to accumulate data from various touchpoints, including users, devices, applications, and infrastructure – on-premises and in multiple clouds.  


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Earlier Detection of Threats

With built-in behavioral analytics and Machine Learning capabilities, Microsoft Sentinel assists businesses in uncovering threats earlier and can help businesses to gain more contextual and behavioral information for threat hunting, investigation, and response.   

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Respond Quickly

With built-in playbooks, Microsoft sentinels respond to incidents quickly and automate everyday tasks. Microsoft Sentinels’ playbooks with built-in orchestration and automation can integrate with other systems internally and externally, help other systems quickly respond to incidents, and save time by automating tasks.  


It is a single solution for threat detection, visibility, response, and proactive hunting. One of the many benefits of Microsoft Sentinel is that it mitigates threat associated risk within single solution. Organizations do not need to opt different solutions for different threat attacks.

Azure Sentinel is the previous name of Microsoft Sentinel. Previously Microsoft Sentinel was known by the name of Azure Sentinel.

The data of Microsoft sentinel is stored in Azure Monitor Log Analytics Workspace.

Sentinel playbooks are based on workflows built-in Azure Logic apps, that automate, schedule, and orchestrate tasks and workflows across the system throughout the organization.

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