Secure your most important Data with Microsoft Purview. Safeguard your data across clouds, devices, and other platforms to be more efficient and reduce security and compliance costs.

Improve your data management strategy by making more informed decisions. With Microsoft Purview consulting services, one can quickly discover, classify, and analyze data sources across organizations. Plus, the in-built machine learning capabilities can help uncover the insights one missed. Use the comprehensive approach from data discovery and classification to data governance and compliance to manage data with Microsoft Purview.

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Learn more about Azure Purview and create an updated holistic approach with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage. Enable your data consumers to find valuable and trustworthy data. Moreover, the Microsoft Purview Consulting service team helps gain a bird’s eye view of sensitive data for better search results. Use consultant service to share data without having duplication and manage all your data centrally.

Microsoft Purview Consulting Risk & Compliance Solutions

Microsoft Purview comes with several features that support organizations with risk and compliance management. Only some of the potential solutions offer Purview's risk and compliance capabilities. Get started with deploying solutions that meet the specific compliance requirements for your organization.

Data Classification And Sensitivity Labeling Blue Data Classification And Sensitivity Labeling White

Data Classification and Sensitivity Labeling

Risk Assessment And Mitigation Blue Risk Assessment And Mitigation White

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Compliance Management Blue Compliance Management White

Compliance Management

Data Breach Detection And Response Blue Data Breach Detection And Response White

Data Breach Detection and Response

Vendor Risk Management Blue Vendor Risk Management White

Vendor Risk Management

Security Analytics And Incident Response Blue Security Analytics And Incident Response White

Security Analytics and Incident Response

Microsoft Purview Consulting for Unified Data Governance Portal Solutions

Governance Portal for Microsoft Purview is a central hub that can easily manage and monitor data across an organization. Moreover, it has a user-friendly interface to collaborate on data governance policies and practices to quickly monitor and resolve data issues.

Customized Governance Policies Blue Customized Governance Policies White

Customized Governance Policies

A consulting firm works with organizations to create customized data governance policies and guidelines aligned with business goals. These policies are managed through Purview governance policies.

Data Cataloging And Metadata Management Blue Data Cataloging And Metadata Management White

Data Cataloging and Metadata Management

Choose a consulting firm that supports organizations in data cataloging an organization's data and later defines them in metadata standards for each data set. Also, the team ensures all the data are well-labeled and documented.

Access Controls And Security Blue Access Controls And Security White

Access Controls and Security

We help define access controls and security policies by ensuring that sensitive data can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Use the Purview governance portal, you get fine-grained access controls.

Data Quality Monitoring And Issue Resolution Blue Data Quality Monitoring And Issue Resolution White

Data Quality Monitoring and Issue Resolution

One can establish a data quality monitoring process by using the Purview Governance portal. This includes identifying data quality metrics, setting up alerts, and then defining the workflow for issue resolution.

Compliance And Regulatory Support Blue Compliance And Regulatory Support White

Compliance and Regulatory Support

Now, monitor and manage compliance using regulatory requirements like CCPA or GDPR. Get help organizing and tracking regulatory compliance tasks, procedures, and policies with the governance portal.

Data Lineage And Impact Analysis Blue Data Lineage And Impact Analysis White

Data Lineage and Impact Analysis

It helps an organization establish data lineage by adding impact analysis capabilities. It involves documentation of data flow across the organization and later analyzing the potential data impact of changes to data assets.

Why choose Microsoft Purview Consulting Services?

Connecting to the Microsoft Purview Consulting Services team offers expert guidance on managing your data, including sensitive ones. They help to make it easier to optimize and improve operations by helping organization gains better insights.


Microsoft Purview is a group of data governance, risk, and compliance solutions. It supports organizations to govern, protect, and manage their entire data estate easily. Moreover, the data management solutions provide a unique, integrated, and secure platform for data discovery, mapping, cataloging, and lineage.

The Microsoft Purview Consulting Services offered by Microsoft Partners help various organizations implement and optimize their Purview. The services include data discovery, lineage, classification, privacy, metadata management, security, and more.

Microsoft Purview can be connected to various data sources, including on-premises and cloud-based databases, big data platforms, and more. Furthermore, it integrates with Microsoft services such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, and Azure Synapse Analytics.

The main advantages of Microsoft Purview consulting are it offers fast implementation, better utilization of solutions, better compliance with data privacy regulations, and greater data accuracy. The consulting services company helps an organization optimize the data governance processes by increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

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