Protect and Safeguard your Sensitive Data across Apps, Clouds, and Devices with Microsoft Priva 

Security has become a bigger priority as the threats have become increasingly pervasive and sophisticated. Connecting with Microsoft security experts can help your organization build a privacy-resilient working environment. Choose atQor, which has 20+ years of experience identifying critical risks and conflicts, empowering employees, and automating risk prevention quickly. Our Microsoft Priva consulting service team helps companies build rigorous data protection frameworks by adding smart automation insights and tools.  


Microsoft Priva platform comes with an actionable privacy insight, data minimization to detect unused personal data, transfer data to detect movement across multiple environments and remove the risk of oversharing poor data boundaries. Additionally, as a Microsoft Priva consultant, we offer solutions with robust security and maintain the health of Microsoft infrastructure.  

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Empowering Organizations to Make Smart Data Handling Decisions 

With Microsoft Priva, system administrators and private owners can leverage privacy policies and remediate privacy risks. Moreover, it provides system configuration along with creating privacy awareness. Use our Microsoft Privacy consulting services and get a system-generated email from data owners by delivering a set of actions. Our Microsoft Priva experts use the best privacy practices and provide the proper workflow.  


Priva assesses data within your organization of Microsoft 365 environment and does not access personal data. For example, the platform does not access personal data from Microsoft 365 accounts. Microsoft Priva help organizations store Microsoft 365 services data in Microsoft 365 tenant like: 

  • Exchange Online 
  • OneDrive for Business 
  • SharePoint Online 
  • Microsoft Teams 

Few of the Microsoft Priva Consulting Features

Gain Better Insights White
Gain Better Insights

Use automatic analytics and data updates to understand the privacy issues of the organization. Moreover, identify the actions and remediate them when needed.  

Priva Subject Rights Requests White
Priva Subject Rights Requests

Users can process the data subject request by adding automated data discovery, looking for conflict detection, in-place review, and adding secure collaboration.  

Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager White
Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

Our compliance manager offers excellent data protection and privacy assessment templates. This later corresponds to the compliance regulations and various industry standards.  

Scale With Priva Privacy Risk Management White
Scale with Priva Privacy Risk Management

Privacy management solution helps to safeguard and respect privacy. It streamlines the process, allows collaboration, and adds value to your Microsoft Priva and its native integration with M365. 

Preventing Privacy Incidents with Microsoft Priva

Get an expert Microsoft Priva consulting service to automate the privacy risk mitigations and configure the organization templates. A few templates we use help protect your data from any threat landscape and improve your privacy posture when necessary. 

Data Minimization Blue Data Minimization White

Data Minimization

The template help users detect unused personal data, delete outdated information, and send user emails to prompt them to review data. We guide users to reduce the excessive storage of data.  

Data Transfer Blue Data Transfer White

Data Transfer

The feature identifies the movement of personal data and checks its customized boundaries. Additionally, it blocks the risky data transfer in real-time by evaluating the ongoing data.  

Data Overexposure Blue Data Overexposure White

Data Overexposure

Detect the personal data overshare, prompt file owners, and easily adjust access files. We offer privacy training for owners and employees and reduce overexposure incidents. 

Dive Deeper into Microsoft Priva Family Products 

User can safeguard their data, identify critical privacy risks, empower their team, and automate risk mitigation by making excellent data handling decisions. One can easily gain visibility in personal data with Microsoft 365 environments, including OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Teams, etc. 

Manage subject requests in a secure, automated, and auditable way. With Priva's subject right request, one can collaborate, review, react, and integrate with privacy ecosystems to get the best solutions. Use data discovery automation, data conflict detection, and compliant collaboration with Priva.  


Microsoft Priva comes with many capabilities that can help your organization grow. A few of them are listed below: 

  • Identify and protect against privacy risks, including data hoarding, oversharing, and problematic data transfer.  
  • Empower employees along with making smart data handling decisions. 
  • One can gain visibility into the storage and move personal data with ease. 
  • Manage subject rights requests when requested. 

Personal data is like something that gives a person identification. Moreover, it comes with a data type identifying the individual, including name, passport number, social security, and more. Additionally, the combination of the data types can mainly be used to determine the person and identify the data types and legal obligations. 

Microsoft Purview compliance manager works alongside Priva and offers excellent data protection and privacy assessment templates. Moreover, the compliance manager understands the steps required to meet the organization's regulatory needs. At the same time, Priva protects the data stored in privacy assessment in compliance manager. With Microsoft Purview risk, one needs to take specific action in Priva, get points that count towards assessment completion, and increase the overall compliance score. 

Personal data is the information related to how to identify the individual. Additionally, the data type includes sensitive information stored in Priva and using Microsoft 365 services within Microsoft 365 tenants such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams. 

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