Get a Cloud-Based Email Security Services Designed for Businesses to Detect, Investigate, And Resolve Potential Email Threats. 

Securing an organization has become a tougher job over the past few years. With the increasing threat landscape, it has brought a significant impact on all organization's sizes. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is a well-known Cloud-based email filtering service that protects the organization from various email threats and adds collaboration tools, including business email compromise, phishing, and other malware attacks.  


As a Microsoft security partner, we use Defender for Office 365 to protect messages in several ways. Get an on-premises exchange server environment for using an on-premises SMTP email solution. Defender for O365 support users to protect exchange online cloud-hosted mailbox. For hybrid deployment, get protection for your messaging environment and control mail routing. Connect to our Microsoft Defender for Office 365 consultation and protect your Office 365 against advanced threats.  

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Integrated Threat Protection for Office 365

Augmenting Native Protection White
Augmenting Native Protection

Now, reduce the overall cost of the ownership and get protection against advanced threats using Microsoft Defender integrated threat protection. Connect with our Microsoft Defender consulting service team and boost productivity and simplify administration.  

Drive Industry Leading AI And Automation White
Drive Industry Leading AI and Automation

Use a threat protection tool to improve the efficiency of your organization with added automated workflow. Manage risk and compliance with evolving digital landscape using Microsoft security solutions.  

Comprehensive Approach White
Comprehensive Approach

Use Microsoft Defender for Office 365 applications to detect harmful messages and protect your organization across the kill chain. Get a complete solution for collaboration using a comprehensive approach and enhancing security and compliance. 

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Capabilities

Threat Prevention Blue Threat Prevention White

Threat Prevention

Prevent a large volume of targeted attacks that adds credential phishing, email compromise, ransomware, and other advanced malware using a robust filtering stack with Microsoft Defender for Office 365.  

Threat Detection Blue Threat Detection White

Threat Detection

It's observed that compromised account exhibits atypical behaviour, and stopping this is the key. With the Defender tool, one detects suspicious and malicious activities and alerts the security team by automatically limiting the account activity.  

Response And Remediation Actions Blue Response And Remediation Actions White

Response and Remediation Actions

Once the threat is detected, we make it easier for you to act across domains like email, business, endpoint, identity, and cloud apps. The unified investigation helps users deliver consistent experiences and reverse the action if not done right.  

Automated Investigation And Hunting Blue Automated Investigation And Hunting White

Automated Investigation and Hunting

Now, identify, prioritize, and investigate threats using advanced hunting capabilities across Office 365. Using advanced hunting, create custom detection rules that run to detect the threat and respond automatically.  

Security Posture Blue Security Posture White

Security Posture

As a Microsoft solution partner, we use tools that identify coverage gaps and support users to stay secure. Get simplified configuration, identify policy drift, report for threat protection status, and implement automated control for email forwarding.  

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Features and Plans

EOP offers cloud-based filtering to exchange online mailboxes along with Microsoft 365 subscription. Moreover, it helps to protect against malware attacks, email threats, and spam activities. Also, EOP prevents malicious emails from arriving in employees' inboxes. Connect to our Microsoft Defender consultant and use additional security features.  

Defender for Office 365 P1 offers protection against advanced threats across email and collaboration tools. Save users from attacks like spam, malware, phishing, and other business email compromise protection beyond OneDrive, Teams, and other office applications.  

In Defender for Office 365 P2, users get everything it has in P1 and add advanced threat protection like automation, hunting, cross-domain XDR, attack simulation training, etc. Moreover, get an automated investigation and response by adding Microsoft 365 Defender XDR capabilities.  

Office 365 E3 work as a cloud-based productivity suite to protect your information and compliance capability. Additionally, users can install Microsoft 365 for mobile devices and safeguard their corporate data by sharing sensitive inside and outside of the organization.   


We know Defender for Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that helps users mitigate threats facing email communications. The primary use case includes: 

  • On-premises email environments 
  • Cloud-hosted mailboxes 
  • Hybrid deployments 


These solutions support users in adding security capabilities to exchange online protection and email filtering, which comes with exchange online.  

We know Microsoft Defender for Office 365 helps safeguard organizations against malicious threats. A few of the features included are listed here. 


  • Installation by Preset can set up everything for the user. 
  • Threat Protection Policies. 
  • View Real-time Reports 
  • Threat Investigation and Response Capabilities 
  • Automated Investigation 


Microsoft Defender for Office 365 has two different plans. Plan 1 is mainly used for real-time detection, and Plan 2 is used for Threat Explorer. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2 adds Microsoft 365 E5, Office 365 E5, and Office 365 A5. The user uses Microsoft Defender for Office 365 to get seamless access and integration to Office 365 subscriptions. It protects against email threats, attachments, URLs, or collaboration tools, including Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook.  

Microsoft Defender is an integrated dashboard with services like Defender for Office 365, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, and Defender for Cloud apps. The purpose of each product is different and has its specification. Office 365 it's used for online exchange protection, while Microsoft Identity is used for on-premises integration. Defender for an Endpoint is specialized in endpoint threats, and lastly, a Defender for cloud apps mainly focuses on analyzing the security deployed in cloud apps for your organization. 

Microsoft offers a feature to make an informed decision on purchases and various upgrades. Using Defender helps users eliminate the configuration complexity and make a smooth evaluation experience. It comes with core benefits like a protection feature to set up safe attachments, mailbox intelligence in anti-phishing, and more. Another evaluation mode includes filtering to connect configuration and improving sender IP accuracy. Lastly, it comes with report aggregation to detect EOP and Defender for Office 365. 

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