Protect Your Multiplatform Enterprise by Making Your Future Secure with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint works as an enterprise endpoint security platform. It is well-designed for support organizations to prevent detect, investigate, respond to, and prevent threats. The Defender is available in two plans to secure endpoint devices across multiple platforms. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft solution partner, we aim to offer comprehensive endpoint security solutions to stop attacks across various network devices and operating systems rapidly.


Our expert Microsoft Defender team protects you against ransomware and other attacks. Our endpoint security team prioritizes the risk and elevates your security posture when required. Using advanced endpoint silos, our security is based on extended detection and responding to XDR and Zero trust. While Microsoft Defender for Endpoint documentation helps to deliver preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.  

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Overview of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Security Plans 


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1


Using Microsoft Defender for endpoint comes with an enterprise endpoint security platform explicitly designed for organizations to help them detect, investigate, prevent, and respond to threats. The protection is focused on prevention and included with Microsoft 365 E3. 


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 Capabilities


  • Next-generation protection 
  • Manual response actions 
  • Attack Surface Reduction 
  • Centralized Configuration and Management 
  • Protection from a variety of platforms 


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 


Defender for Endpoint P2 (Plan 2) was called Defender for Endpoint previously. Using this plan, one can identify misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities and provide real-time protection. The protection is focused on advanced detection and response included with Microsoft 365 E5. 


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P2 Capabilities 


  • Threat and Vulnerability Management 
  • Reducing Attack Surface 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response 
  • Automated Investigation and Remediation 
  • Microsoft Secure Device Score 
  • Microsoft Threat Experts 

Integrate with SIEM and XDR for Threat Protection

Microsoft 365 Defender White (1)
Microsoft 365 Defender

Microsoft 365 Defender is an integrated platform, including multiple Microsoft security solutions. Connect with Microsoft Solution partner and evaluate the investigation and response across the industry, which leads to extended detection and response solutions. M365 Defender offers capabilities like endpoint behavioural sensors, cloud security analytics and threat intelligence.

Defender For Office 365 White
Defender for Office 365

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 has cloud-based services offering email filtering and investigation features. As a Microsoft defender for endpoint service providers, we aim to protect organizations from malware attacks, phishing, and other business email compromise. Moreover, we offer capabilities to identify, investigate, prioritize, and responds to threat accordingly.

Defender For Identity White
Defender for Identity

Microsoft Defender for Identity is a cloud-based solution for security that uses on-premises Azure AD signals to detect and investigate identities, threats, and other insider activities. By using our solution, user can protect their hybrid environments. Now, monitor users and identify entity behaviour using our learning-based analytics tools.

Defender For Cloud Apps White
Defender for Cloud Apps

The Cloud access security broker (CASB), a solution that helps users use various deployment modes, including API connectors, log collection, reverse proxy, and more. Additionally, it offers extended visibility and control of data flow using centralized management capabilities. By using advanced analytics, one can identify and respond to threats across all cloud services.

Microsoft Sentinel White (1)
Microsoft Sentinel

One can integrate Microsoft 365 Defender with Microsoft Sentinel to streamline and synchronize all incidents directly from Microsoft 365 Defender. A key advantage it brings to the table is that it provides context that requires integration in Microsoft Sentinel. It comes with visibility to manage Microsoft 365 security and provide centralization on portals to leverage its capabilities.

Related Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Products

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Add On Blue Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Add On White

Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Add-on

Now, reduce the cyber risk using vulnerability management to identify, assess, remediate, and track vulnerabilities across various assets from a centralized location. Leverage threat intelligence, breach control, business context, device assessment, and more. Few of the offering covers.


  • Continuous Discovery & Monitoring 
  • Risk-based Intelligent Prioritization 
  • Remediation & Tracking 

Microsoft Defender For Business Blue (1) Microsoft Defender For Business White (1)

Microsoft Defender for Business

Defender for Business is a solution for endpoint security specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. As a Microsoft security partner, we offer better protection from malware, phishing, and other threats. A few solution capabilities are listed here. 


  • Enterprise Grade Security 
  • Easy-To-Use Security Solutions 
  • Flexibility For Environment 
  • Integration With Microsoft 365 Lighthouse, PSA Software, And RMM Tools. 

Microsoft Defender For Individuals Blue (1) Microsoft Defender For Individuals White (1)

Microsoft Defender for Individual

Defenders offer easy-to-use security applications for individuals which help protect their data, identities, and devices from online threats. The user gets a centralized view for easy-to-monitor security status, safeguarding their identity and devices and finally staying ahead of hackers and scammers. 


  • Manage Your Security in One Place. 
  • Improve Security of Your Identity. 
  • Get Reliable Device Protection. 
  • Stay Informed and Stay Safer.


Now, protect your Windows and Linux machines by adding various protection layers. A few of the benefits Microsoft Defender brings are listed here:


  • Advanced post-breach detection sensors 
  • Analytics-based, post-breach detection, and cloud-powered. 
  • Vulnerability assessment from Microsoft Defender 
  • Threat Intelligence 


When integrating Defender for an endpoint with cloud defender, the user gains benefits like: 


  • Automated Onboarding 
  • Single Pane of Glass 

Microsoft Defender for endpoint tenants is created automatically when the users use Defender for the cloud to monitor machines. A few of the requirements include are: 


  • Location – Here, the collected data is stored in the geolocation of the tenant, which was identified during provisioning. 


  • Moving Subscription – Few manual steps are required before moving the Defender cloud with deploying to the Defender for the endpoint. 

Users can gain a holistic understanding of the environment, get advanced threats, and respond to alerts from a single and unified platform. A few of the capabilities include: 


  • Eliminating the blind spot 
  • Looking for vulnerability 
  • Eliminating risk and reducing the attack. 
  • Block sophisticated malware and threat. 
  • Secure devices 
  • Simplify endpoint security management. 

Users can get basic editions free of cost for all Windows endpoints. One license can help protect a wide range of Microsoft solutions, adding Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Azure Active Directory (AD), OneDrive, and other Azure identities. Additionally, one can control data from multiple signals gathered from Office 365 apps.

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