Adapt to your organization's changing security needs and shield it from threats using Windows Defender Security Center. Collaborate with Microsoft Defender Consulting Service experts to fortify your defenses, protecting your data and assets effectively.

Microsoft Defender consulting services is a professional service offered by Microsoft to support organizations in optimizing the use of Microsoft defender for Endpoint. It provides comprehensive security solutions to protect endpoints such as desktops, laptops, and servers from a wide range of threats, such as malware, phishing, viruses, and other cyberattacks. Moreover, Microsoft Defender helps organizations improve their cybersecurity posture by adding better protection to endpoints from cyber threats. 


Using Microsoft Defender Consulting Services is like getting threat intelligence and skilled experts to meet your requirements at every stage of your modernization journey. Scale up your business by getting an unparallel reach and data insights to safeguard your data. Use Microsoft consultant team to get peace of mind and reduce overall SOC (Security Operations Centre) response.

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Microsoft Defender Consulting Features

Threat Intelligence White
Threat Intelligence

Microsoft Defender uses threat intelligence sources to detect and respond to various threats. Moreover, it leverages data from Microsoft’s vast threat intelligent networks. 

Threat Assessment White
Threat Assessment

Microsoft Defender uses a technique to assess the risk associated with different types of threats. It includes evaluating the severity of a threat with identifying its potential impact.  

Incident Response White
Incident Response

Microsoft Defender provides incident response capabilities to help organizations detect, investigate, and remediate security incidents. It includes automated investigation, threat hunting, and forensics. 

Compliance Management White
Compliance Management

Microsoft Defender helps the organization meet its compliance needs by including security configuration management, security assessment, and reporting compliance. 

Windows Defender Security Center

Windows Defender Security Center, now known as Windows Security, is a central hub for managing all your device's security features.

Information Protection Information Protection White

Virus & threat protection

Networking Networking White

Firewall & network protection

Access Your Data, Contacts And Your Teams Account Across Devices And OS Blue Access Your Data, Contacts And Your Teams Account Across Devices And OS White

Account protection

Intelligent Security Intelligent Security White

Device security

Electronic Health Records Blue Electronic Health Records White

Device performance & health

Threat Protection Threat Protection White

Real-time protection

Microsoft Defender Consulting Services

Meet your evolving security requirements and protect your organization from threats with Windows Defender Security Center. Connect to Microsoft Defender Consulting Service experts and safeguard your data and assets by ensuring your defenses stay strong.

Microsoft 365 Defender Blue Microsoft 365 Defender White

Microsoft 365 Defender

It’s a unified security solution provided by Microsoft to bring together multiple security services. Get protection against the threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and other cyber-attacks. Get a centralized dashboard that provides a single view of security events and get alerts on all services. Stay on the top by using advanced threat detection services.  

Microsoft Defender For Cloud Blue Microsoft Defender For Cloud White

Microsoft Defender for Cloud

It’s a centralized dashboard to monitor security events and alerts across multiple cloud services. It helps organizations protect cloud workloads and services across platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google cloud platform. Moreover, it allows organizations to safeguard the cloud environment, detect and respond to security threats, and meet compliance requirements. 

Microsoft Defender For Business Blue Microsoft Defender For Business White

Microsoft Defender for Business

It offers an enterprise-level security solution primarily designed to help the organization protect endpoints and networks against advanced threats. It integrates with other Microsoft security solutions, including Microsoft defender for identity and Microsoft cloud app security, providing end-to-end security solutions for businesses. 

Microsoft Defender For Individuals Blue Microsoft Defender For Individuals White

Microsoft Defender for Individuals

It’s a consumer security solution offered by Microsoft to protect individuals from various types of online threats. For individuals, it provides real-time protection against viruses, malware, and other types of malicious software. It’s an excellent option for individuals looking for basic and free security solutions to protect their devices and personal data. 

Microsoft Defender For Endpoints Blue Microsoft Defender For Endpoints White

Microsoft Defender for Endpoints

Formerly known as Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). A cloud-based security solution is designed to help companies detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats across their endpoints. It uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to identify suspicious activities and potential threats. Manage your company centrally and secure your Endpoint from a single console. 

C Microsoft Defender For Identity Blue C Microsoft Defender For Identity White

Microsoft Defender for Identity

It was formerly known as Azure Advanced Threat Protection (AATP). It’s a cloud-based security solution designed to help companies detect and respond to advanced threats on their on-premises active directory environment. It monitors the user and device activities and integrates with Microsoft security solutions. 


Microsoft Defender is a security tool that protects against viruses, malware, and various malicious software. The tool is designed to keep windows devices safe and secure. Moreover, it comes with real-time protection, network protection, firewall, and other features, including cloud-delivered protections and further automatic scanning related to unwanted software. 

  • It comes with a comprehensive security solution. It protects businesses from various cyber threats.  
  • It offers advanced features, including behavior-based detection and response, network protection, and other cloud-powered security analytics.  
  • While, Microsoft Defender for businesses helps reduce the risk of cyberattacks, safeguarding sensitive data and minimizing the impact of security breaches. 

Some organizations need support from Microsoft defender consulting service company for various reasons like lack of expertise, requiring guidance, complex projects, troubleshooting issues, and wanting to focus on core business activities. Choosing atQor as your consultant can help you optimize the use of Microsoft products and services and efficiently achieve business goals. 

Any organization should have expertise in Microsoft defender and a proven track record for successful implementation. Further, they should look for a provider who can tailor their services to the organization’s specific requirements while keeping it within budget. 

Windows Security is a central hub for managing all your device's security features. It provides a clear overview of your device's protection status and allows you to easily access and configure various security settings.


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