Integrate SharePoint with Azure OpenAI and Automate your Business Tasks. 

SharePoint, a part of the Microsoft family, offers a versatile platform to manage businesses and collaborate with them by managing documents. SharePoint is like a digital filing cabinet that helps to store, organize, and secure files from any device. At atQor, we have years of experience in offering the best SharePoint integration services and supporting users to offer collaborative capabilities. Moreover, Chatbot is an intelligent tool to understand how to generate human-like text, answer queries, and help generate creative content.


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Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, integrating SharePoint supports businesses to bring the best into your organization. With atQor, connect with our excellent SharePoint developers and automate your data by reducing the change of errors. Our professional offers pre-built integrations and automated workflows. Moreover, our team leverages the power of AI to increase your business's efficiency. Connect with atQor, your Microsoft Solution Partner company to grow globally and integrate your SharePoint with AOAI.

SharePoint Integration with Azure OpenAI Services

Predictive Analysis White (1)
Predictive Analysis

It's one of the advanced forms of data analytics that support users to access a broader data pool with increased data mining activities. By using AI services, we offer predictive and augmented analytics to expand the predictive analytics capabilities. Our team follows a few steps: defining the problem, acquiring and organizing data, pre-processing data, developing predictive models, and deploying results.

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Chatbots and Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots are types of AI that use a chat widget as their primary interface and AI capabilities. Both use machine learning to provide better customer engagement and automate the process. Connect with atQor OpenAI consulting service provider and integrate your SharePoint platform with Azure OpenAI.

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Azure Cognitive Search

Improve your search queries and extract relevant information from multiple data sets. Cognitive Search offers the best enterprise search by using AI. Add Cognitive Search into your SharePoint platform and build a rich search experience using generative AI applications. Use the service and simplify your development by adding search solutions to your business.

Future of SharePoint with AI

SharePoint, a collaborative platform, helps to connect an organization's workforce together by building a tight network and adding content management. Using ChatGPT and GPT-3 to integrate it with the platform and create an enhanced experience for your business. Here are a few reasons to choose AOAI with SharePoint Integration.

For Generating Intranet Pages In Few Clicks Blue For Generating Intranet Pages In Few Clicks White

For Generating Intranet Pages in Few Clicks.

Look For Exact, Meaningful Information Blue Look For Exact, Meaningful Information White

Look For Exact, Meaningful Information.

To Elaborate The Files System With Efficient Collaboration Blue To Elaborate The Files System With Efficient Collaboration White

To Elaborate the Files System with Efficient Collaboration.

Creating A Detailed Project Workflow With Robust Monitoring Blue Creating A Detailed Project Workflow With Robust Monitoring White

Creating A Detailed Project Workflow with Robust Monitoring.

Benefits Businesses get from SharePoint Integration with Azure OpenAI

Automated Content Generation Blue Automated Content Generation White

Automated Content Generation

SharePoint Integration with AOAI helps enterprises generate automatic content and use intelligent Search to get information quickly. Create documents, presentations, reports, and more without manual or extra effort.

Better Collaboration Blue Better Collaboration White

Better Collaboration

Use the SharePoint integration along with OpenAI and GPT by efficiently collaborating on a project from anywhere and meeting the business requirements easily. Use the AI tool to collaborate better and improve your organization's productivity.

Natural Language Processing Blue Natural Language Processing White

Natural Language Processing

With NLP, many companies can use OpenAI within SharePoint environments. All companies can get an automated and streamlined process through Natural Language Processing and serve customers through automation.

Streamline Workflow Blue Streamline Workflow White

Streamline Workflow

Using machine learning algorithms, the user gets the automated workflow and integrates it with SharePoint to automate the task. A few tasks include generating notifications, filling out forms, and saving time on data entry. Use OpenAI to get accuracy in the task.

Improved Communication Blue Improved Communication White

Improved Communication

If proper collaboration is carried out on your SharePoint platform, users can lead to improved communication between teams. Using ChatGPT and OpenAI, get excellent communication between teams and support them grow globally.

Increased Efficiency Blue Increased Efficiency White

Increased Efficiency

SharePoint Integration uses OpenAI technology to help companies of all sizes automate unnecessary tasks, including data entry, customer service, and more. Avoid repetitive tasks and allow your employees to focus on essential tasks.


Azure OpenAI offers a new way to use cognitive services. Regarding cognitive services, it's a cloud-based service offering the best generative artificial models, including Codex and GPT-3. Resources use Azure Open AI services to get access through Python APIs, REST APIs, and other web-based interfaces known for its best Azure Open AI studio.

The main cost to implement SharePoint integration varies from project to project. It depends on the complexity, features needed, number of users, and other hosting requirements. Moreover, our excellent team of SharePoint developers provides a ballpark estimate from basic integration to complex functionality.

Deliver results with AI use cases. 

Adapt AI models to your specifications. 

Apply AI responsibly. 

Secure your mission-critical workload. 

Azure OpenAI is a service that comes with a comprehensive tool that allows developers to optimize, explore, and deploy using AI solutions. Enable insights, enhance productivity, and improve decision-making using Azure OpenAI services. As SharePoint offers a customized web app, users can integrate with Microsoft services and applications, including Microsoft Viva, OneDrive for Business, and more such tools.

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