The Managed Cloud Services by atQor enable higher cost, time and resource optimization, while ensuring an efficient, scalable, secure and well-maintained cloud infrastructure for your business.     

Today, several businesses store their information and run applications in the cloud instead of adding it to local servers. At atQor, we offer the best-managed cloud services to give a comprehensive look to your traditional outsourcing business. Managed cloud services include public, private, and hybrid cloud options used across various technologies and add multiple types of cloud services such as infrastructure, applications, and endpoint devices. Both tenants and partners can utilize the full range of in-house technologies while getting benefits from the managed cloud services. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft cloud service provider, we allow organizations to focus on digital transformation while creating more business value and round-the-clock security solutions. 


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Managed Cloud Services

In managed cloud services, the user does not need to install the setup, configure, or maintain its hardware/software. The service provider owns the data center and maintains the infrastructure by making it available for you via the cloud. It benefits customers greatly as they only must pay for the service and model they use. Moreover, the service provider ensures the resources are always available, and users get to access the latest version while taking care of security and performance.  

Exploring Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting White
Cloud Consulting

Make decisions that are informed and drive business growth by using our cloud consulting services. Our experts have helped numerous businesses across different verticals to provide comprehensive cloud consulting solutions.

Security And Compliance White (2)
Security and Compliance

Strengthen the security posture by implementing compliance and taking control of the multi-cloud strategy. We provide excellent cloud-managed services that transform your organization's work by keeping it agile, smooth, and competitive. 

Cloud Migration And Modernization White
Cloud Migration and Modernization

Our cloud solutions are designed to shift your current applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud, which updates and optimizes your assets based on your business needs. Improve security and performance by using cutting-edge services.

Proactive Managed Services White
Managed Services 

Use our end-to-end managed services that provide comprehensive solutions, building, maintaining, monitoring, and supporting the infrastructure based on your business requirements and operations.

Devops And Automation White
DevOps and Automation

We use an approach that mainly underlines communication and collaboration while increasing the quality and speed of software development delivery and process. Get ready to accelerate your app onboarding by using our DevOps automation services.

Cloud Optimization White
Cloud Optimization

Achieve a higher ROI by adding efficient balance spend and using a cloud solution, which allows businesses to implement and optimize the reliable strategy to set an ideal cost optimization strategy.

Why atQor for Managed Cloud Services?

Microsoft Solutions Partners Blue Microsoft Solutions Partners White

Trusted & experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner, serving clients from myriad industry verticals since 22+ years.

Azure Expert Managed Services Provider Blue Azure Expert Managed Services Provider White

atQor is a certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) – which ensures seamless, hassle-free Azure Consulting and Managed Cloud Services.

Customized Development Blue Customized Development White

Unmatched expertise in Azure Development, Migration & Managed services.

Cloud Partner Blue Cloud Partner White

Partner of Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP) – offering end-to-end cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes & scales.

100% Success Rate As We Focus Blue 100% Success Rate As We Focus White

100% Success Rate as we focus on maximizing global connectivity and high performance.

Extensive Solutions To Optimize Blue Extensive Solutions To Optimize White

Extensive Solutions to optimize cloud operations and workflows for cloud resources.

How do Managed Cloud Services benefit businesses?

Disaster Recovery Blue Disaster Recovery White

Disaster Recovery

As a Microsoft Cloud security provider, we have a disaster discovery plan that protects the data and assists in recovering it. Moreover, our MCSP support team helps customers by reducing downtime. 

Automatic Upgrades Blue Automatic Upgrades White

Automatic Upgrades

As we know, the cloud is constantly evolving, and almost all networks become outdated if they are not updated occasionally. Therefore, Microsoft Partner companies like us use managed cloud services to continually support you in keeping it current.

Rapid Issue Resolution Blue Rapid Issue Resolution White

Rapid Issue Resolution

As MCSP (Managed cloud services provider), we have specialists that address the network issues of customers and support them to resolve the problem quickly. Also, companies can save money on infrastructure as they need more physical infrastructure.

Integrated With Cloud Services Blue Integrated With Cloud Services White

Integrated with Cloud Services

Get ensured from our Microsoft cloud service provider and connect seamlessly to your existing system. Our experts offer assistance that helps users and applications easily access cloud resources.

Network Security Blue Network Security White

Network Security

Cloud security is one of the problematic types that requires employees to have the skills to carry out the task effectively. Our MCSP has the knowledge to help customers secure the network against unauthorized data access.

Reliable Infrastructure Blue Reliable Infrastructure White

Reliable Infrastructure 

Build a necessary infrastructure based on your experience and knowledge of maintaining cloud network infrastructure. We help organizations provide reliability and durability based on your business demands.


It is a service that helps various businesses to use the power of cloud computing. It works like every cloud needs to be managed by someone. Most companies can hire a cloud expert to perform the complex tasks required to handle cloud infrastructure, tools, and application stacks. The second option is choosing a Cloud service provider with years of experience as a cloud partner. We focus on your core business and support you in building an excellent product for your customers. 

The role of the managed cloud service provider is that it allows customers to choose from IT functions and other in-house services. This includes infrastructure and applications level support with managing storage, customer computing, networks, operating systems, and more complex tools. They also help add the latest database and eCommerce platforms by adding automated DevOps tools.

We have years of experience offering Managed cloud services as a Microsoft solution partner company. Our cloud service provider helps enterprises achieve optimized performance by embracing the power of cloud transformation. Connecting with our cloud computing solutions team allows your businesses to deliver innovations and bring business vision to fruition.

  • In-depth understanding of their business and help in standing out in the current market. 
  • Wide range of business solutions managed with specific needs and budgets. 
  • Excellent security and compliance capabilities across various industries. 
  • Get flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and automation in delivering best business value. 
  • Wide range of standard services to help users address common challenges. 
  • Get on-demand scalability, agility, flexible pricing, integration, and best strategies.  

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