Add life to your Cloud by enabling cloud-driven business transformations. 

Increase business flexibility by accelerating cloud adoption, improving deployment visibility, and streamlining business processes across public, private, and hybrid environments using future-ready cloud enablement services. Today, many businesses depend on the Cloud to abuse its benefits and faster innovation and security. With 20+ years of experience as a Microsoft Solution Partner company, we offer the best cloud services to Azure specialists to help businesses meet their requirements and provide an integrated cloud service suite.  


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 We have cloud computing experts who have the right experience in offering Azure cloud native capabilities and using an unparalleled solution. Azure developers are working on various client projects, enabling them to start their cloud journey quickly. With two decades of experience as Microsoft partners, we have worked on the best cloud enablement tools to grow your business globally. Connect with Microsoft Azure cloud partners and create an agile foundation for your cloud business.  

Understanding Cloud Enablement Services

Cloud Strategy And Advisory White
Cloud Strategy and Advisory

Use our robust cloud consulting service team and accelerate digital transformation by adding Cloud vision, Cloud roadmap, Cloud value assessment, and Cloud transformation plan to fulfil the unique needs of your businesses. 

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Streamline the value of your IT through synergizing business, development, and various operation processes. We use the DevOps approach to improve deployment and accelerate the recovery time. Our DevOps solutions offer automated provisioning, configuration management, and more. 

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Cloud Migration

We help you connect with a zero-risk cloud migration offering that uses the best industry-proven tools and supports customers to get seamless outcomes. A few of the cloud migration services include infrastructure migration, platform migration, app migration, and data migration.

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Cloud Managed Services

Reduce the physical infrastructure and migrate the workload to the Cloud by adding faster innovation and new pathways for digital transformation. Some cloud-managed services include managed security operations, service decks, site reliability, network operations, etc.

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Cloud-Enabled Apps

Our cloud enablement service team deeply understands digital ecosystems and app workloads and helps transform modern and cloud-native applications. Using App refactorization, our team moves IT infrastructure into the Cloud by making the app cloud-ready for migration. 

Cloud Next White
Cloud Next

Cloud connects everything and provides convenience with a better understanding of the opportunities. Analyze data strategically, make intelligent data, and quickly transform business processes. Our IoT consulting team helps you serve better and quickly provide real-time analytics. 

Benefits Enterprise gets from Cloud Enablement Services

One Stop Cloud Solutions For A Broad Spectrum Blue One Stop Cloud Solutions For A Broad Spectrum White

One-stop cloud solutions for a broad spectrum.

Ready Made Cloud Platforms For Speedy Deployments Blue Ready Made Cloud Platforms For Speedy Deployments White

Ready-made cloud platforms for speedy deployments.

Comprehensive Ownership For Support And Implementation Blue Comprehensive Ownership For Support And Implementation White

Comprehensive ownership for support and implementation.

Meet Business Needs With Cost Effective Planning Blue Meet Business Needs With Cost Effective Planning White

Meet business needs with cost-effective planning.

Low Cost Maintenance At Workspace Station Blue Low Cost Maintenance At Workspace Station White

Low-cost maintenance at workspace station.

Build Long Term Planning With Business Aligned Solutions Blue Build Long Term Planning With Business Aligned Solutions White

Build long-term planning with business-aligned solutions.

Strategies we follow for Cloud Enablement

Identify Goals Blue Identify Goals White

Identify Goals

In this step, one needs to define the goal they want to achieve by simply enabling the Cloud across the organization. This helps to reduce the overheads, improve agility, and support users to allow opportunities to.

Prioritize Phased Approach Blue Prioritize Phased Approach White

Prioritize Phased Approach

If planning to move to the Cloud, using the phased approach is the best strategy. Our team prioritizes this and supports users to understand each stage for cloud enablement.  

Evaluate Architecture Blue Evaluate Architecture White

Evaluate Architecture

Using the front-end platforms, back-end platforms, and various networks to make cloud-based delivery is required to evaluate architecture. We understand the interaction between new and existing architectures and help you build a fantastic strategy. 

Choose A Cloud Partner Blue Choose A Cloud Partner White

Choose a Cloud Partner

Connect with a cloud service provider like us and use its benefits that support cloud enablement along with using security compliance, and more. Partner with us, as we have a proven track record of enabling cloud businesses of all sizes.

Assess Business Needs Blue Assess Business Needs White

Assess Business Needs

Identify the pain points and evaluate the current IT environment by getting a deeper understanding of each department and working parallel with our Azure-managed service team.


Cloud enablement works as a process to analyze an organization's landscape to operate and deploy the entire on-house infrastructure, tools, and resources to make it possible in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Moreover, users can migrate their data to servers, databases, operating systems, business apps, and more.

A few of the advantages that cloud enablement brings are listed below, 

  • Scalability to get complete control. 
  • Cost-effectiveness to reduce the cost of hardware, licensing, and more. 
  • Accessibility to get access to cloud-based applications. 
  • Speed of innovation for rolling out new services and products. 
  • Highly available to increase reliable services.  

All we can do is build an effective cloud environment for modern businesses using cloud enablement services. At atQor, we are a Microsoft cloud service provider partner company that uses a cloud-first approach and enables a complete cloud enablement solution while easily maintaining each business. 

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