Transform your cloud journey to achieve governance and cost savings with Cloud Consultant and Advisory Services. 

Cloud Computing is one of the leading services, including database, storage, software analytics, networking, and other intelligence services. Cloud advisory services help organizations to use cloud computing services by identifying the opportunities for businesses to use them in their existing or modern cloud models. At atQor, we have 20+ years of experience as Microsoft solutions partner and offer cloud consultation to provide better productivity, reduce overheads, and boost your business globally. Our cloud consultant assists clients to become more agile and responsive by helping them make the right decisions and optimizing ROI.  


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Most organizations want to add innovation to their business by leveraging cloud computing services. Our cloud advisory professionals support enterprises in aligning cloud strategies to add digital transformation into their organizations. Get ready to leverage the new digital technologies by reimagining the customer journey across businesses of all sizes.  

Understanding Cloud Advisory Challenges and Solutions

Driving Increased ROI And Optimizing Cloud Spending White
Driving increased ROI and optimizing cloud spending

Our cloud consultant uses the comprehensive cloud discovery phase and defines a multi-layer cloud roadmap to carry on the implementation and migration process. Following these steps, our consultant improves the customer's ROI by optimizing cloud spending.  

Accelerating Cloud Transformation Through Private Cloud Adoption White
Accelerating cloud transformation through private cloud adoption

Various early cloud adopters look for low spending with increased agility. While in the public cloud, leveraging the existing investment can be a critical option. But with private clouds, one can achieve their spending goals faster. Use our automated environment by adding a private cloud as your solution. 

Identify The Right Capabilities To Deliver Cloud Strategy White
Identify the right capabilities to deliver cloud strategy

As a cloud consulting service provider, we believe in offering the proper operating structure within an organization. atQor, having a leading experience as a Microsoft Partner, can define the suitable cloud operating model and provide solutions to enable the right cloud adoption.

Using Cloud Strategy To Lead Your Organization White
Using cloud strategy to lead your organization

To drive innovation, we have a team to help leverage the cloud-first capabilities. We offer speed to market, security, and innovation and accelerate the cloud transformation journey for our customers. Connect to our cloud advisory consultant and get the best customer experience.  

atQor, Your Trusted Cloud Consultant and Advisory Service Partner

We are a leading cloud service provider company to help businesses achieve their goals regarding successful cloud services and guide them by offering technical expertise. Our cloud consultant understands and aligns your needs using the right technologies and business approach. Connect to get clear and relevant business value for your cloud requirements.

20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development Blue 20+ Years Of Experience In Sharepoint Development White

20+ Years of Experience

Microsoft Solutions Partners Blue Microsoft Solutions Partners White

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner

A Tailored Approach Blue A Tailored Approach White

A Tailored Approach

Shared Knowledge Base Blue Shared Knowledge Base White

Shared Knowledge Base

Multi Cloud Specialist Blue Multi Cloud Specialist White

Multi-Cloud Specialist

End To End Support Blue End To End Support White

End-to-End Support

Use Cases Businesses Get from Cloud Consulting

Cloud Adoption And Migration Blue Cloud Adoption And Migration White

Cloud Adoption and Migration

We have cloud experts who can craft customized plans to deliver excellent outcomes and easily understand your business objectives. Our cloud migration service establishes a migration roadmap to provide cloud sustainability.

Merger And Acquisition Blue Merger And Acquisition White

Merger and Acquisition

Achieve consistency and gain higher returns by adding a systematic and repeatable approach to carry on mergers and acquisitions. Our cloud support team aligns your business objectives and creates value with greater certainty.

Application Modernization Blue Application Modernization White

Application Modernization

By investing in modernization, prepare to modernize your application using the hybrid cloud and AI. Our cloud consultant knows how to increase productivity and create opportunities by determining the right strategies.

Data Modernization Blue Data Modernization White

Data Modernization

Using cloud application modernization helps customers reduce costs, simplify their business infrastructure, and eliminate extra hardware requirements. Connect with our cloud consultant and advisory services team for the best business strategy.

Innovation And Growth Blue Innovation And Growth White

Innovation and Growth

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner company, we specialize in cloud migrations, cloud consulting, cloud-native development, optimization, and modernized public cloud support.

Governance Blue Governance White


Our cloud consultant helps companies identify the cloud requirements and make decisions while keeping in mind safety and efficiency. Allow our team to take control of your cloud environment and business operations practices.

Cost Optimization Cost Optimization White

Cost Optimization

Our cloud computing service team helps businesses determine how to reduce overspending and improve utilization of cloud resources. With cloud advisory services, design a cloud operating system with increased agility.

Cloud Security Blue Cloud Security White

Cloud Security

Our cloud security consultant helps in security architecture, network architecture, cloud deployment, security operations, app deployment, and more. Choose our integrated security across data and the cloud by connecting with our right consultation service partner.


It's a service that helps organizations identify various opportunities and use it as a cloud computing service. As cloud service experts, we guide customers through an existing or modernized cloud model and add business benefits based on your organization's requirements. Our Cloud advisory service providers develop a fantastic cloud strategy, including a detailed analysis of your enterprise by adding migration, modernization, and cloud adaptation.

  • It helps organizations to implement the best cloud strategy.  
  • Leverage cloud-enabled expertise by adding cloud-native technologies, accelerating digital innovation and transformation.  
  • Deliver projects and meet ever-evolving regulatory, governance, and compliance business needs.  
  • Cloud Advisory 
  • Data and Analysis 
  • Cloud migration 
  • Cloud operations and optimization 
  • Compliance, security, and business continuity 
  • Application Modernization and DevOps 

We have the best cloud consulting service team with organization benefits and support users in several ways by guiding users to switch to cloud services easily. Our process includes, 

  • Planning 
  • Designing 
  • Look for Business Case 
  • Provide Advisory Services 
  • Process Guidelines 
  • Knowledge Transfer and Cloud Transformation 
  • Code Review and Infrastructure Configuration 

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