Cloud application within your business will raise the ability to scale your trade. atQor will converge your servers, storage, network processing, virtual machines, and business elements over the Internet,to offer you better business elasticity.

With the deeply rooted solution of Azure IaaS service, operations are rigorously surging leveraged operational delivery, systematized workflow management, the ratio of business success, and broad thriving implications. 

As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP that deploys a full-fledged development service, based on cloud service, azure infrastructure architecture, Azure IaaS migration, and IaaS solution, atQor offers you a holistic delivery of data storage, processing, migration, analyzing, and sharing.  

To eradicate the dependability of on-premises infrastructure, our team of certified experts and professionals put forward the niche of Azure infrastructure needs and their solutions. With advanced specialization, in-depth development consultation, automated service delivery, and hi-tech scalable support, we offer end-to-end assistance for every industry across the globe. 


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Azure Iaas Services

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service. It is a Cloud service offered by Microsoft Azure. There are 3 other types of services, which include PaaS (Platform as a Service), SaaS (Software as a Service) and Serverless. Azure IaaS offers vital Cloud Computing, Cloud Storing and Cloud Networking capabilities – as per the client’s requirement. It has a pay-as-you-go model, which makes it agile and comfortable for the customers, helping them save costs while allowing them great scalability and flexibility. Our teams have worked with client organizations in United States of America, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, India etc. for implementation of Azure IaaS Cloud Services.

Our Limitless Azure IaaS Offerings

atQor delivers a 360-degree integrated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), keenly elevated by technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Security Framework, DevOps, Business Analytics, and Information of Technology (IoT), that.


Applied Services of Azure IaaS 


Cloud Computing Cloud Computing White

Cloud Computing

Azure Services Azure Services White

Azure Services

Cloud Infrastructure Cloud Infrastructure White

Cloud Infrastructure

Security Services Security Services White

Security Service

Your Trusted IaaS Providers.

Rather than having incomprehensible silos with scrambled resources, Azure Infrastructure as a service offers cloud inventory to store and process your business resources and drive rational workflow management for business continuity. Connect with atQor's qualified and accredited consultants for cost-effective hosting, a preference for connectivity alternatives to support your business, and a reduction in your IT costs to get the most out of your investments. 

Benefits of Microsoft Azure IaaS Services

Microsoft Azure is one of the most preferred Clouds across the globe. It offers 4 main services and Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is one of them. It has multiple benefits, which include –

Cost Effective Solutions Blue Cost Effective Solutions White

Cost Effectiveness

Save and reduce expenses on on-premises data centers, hardware maintenance, buying/managing physical infrastructure.

Invoicing & Payments Invoicing & Payments White

Custom Payment Options

Pay-as-you-go-model allows you to pick and choose functionalities and scale up/ down, exactly in tune with your business needs.

Improved Infrastructure Operations, Automation Improved Infrastructure Operations, Automation White

Leave Infra Management to Azure

The Cloud provider manages the infrastructure, allowing you and your staff time and resources to focus on what matters more.

Innovate Innovate White

Innovate & Scale on the go

The required computing infrastructure, when you decide to add or scale can be ready quickly, without major hassles, time or efforts.

It Costs Less & Integrates Faster It Costs Less & Integrates Faster White

Faster, Secure, Reliable

You don’t need to set up underlying infrastructure – Cloud does that for you. Appropriate service agreements offer higher app and data security.

Cloud Workload Assessment Cloud Workload Assessment White

Matchless Computing

with infrastructure for supporting and developing web apps. Optimize and maximize your IT workloads, storage, demand spikes and performance.

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