Organizations can now resolve basic queries quickly and provide 24x7 services to their customers with live conversational experiences.

Without losing control of your data, add enrich customer experience securely with the adoption of the intelligent Bot in your business. Build your own customized Bot or embrace Q&A bot for competent virtual assistance that quickly connects your users to their expected answers.


atQor's Azure Bot Service can assist you in creating a bot with naturally interacting features for your customers. Our team of experts will deliver efficiently integrating Cognitive Services with well-structured chatbots development. Your customer service chatbot will be capable of answering all questions of your end consumers with an automated and easy-to-use communicative experience.

Azure Bot Service

Advantages of our Azure Bot Service:

  • A wide range of customized bots to choose from with Microsoft Azure Cloud security surety.
  • You can provide round-the-clock support to your customers.
  • Effortless integration with multi-platforms for real-time presence.
  • Improved customer interactions that foster brand loyalty.
  • Superior cognitive features for levelling customer engagement up.
  • High accuracy assurance while responding to complex customer queries.
  • Chatbots work 24x7x365 without any holidays, no downtimes, no sick leaves.
  • One-time investment with reduced recurring expenses.
  • Add values to your operations by allowing your personnel extra time for other essential tasks.

Azure Bot Solutions & Services

atQor's Azure Bot consulting team will navigate your business idea through intelligence and add valuable communicative experience to your customer's bucket. With advanced design architecture, you can empower your business approach and satisfy your customer needs faster than usual. To know how to make it possible, connect with our experts & leverage the Azure capabilities in your AI Chatbot.

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