The risk management process of any industry contains Risk Identification, Analyses, Evaluation, Treatment, Monitoring, and Reviewing tasks on priority where data is involved in each step.

Managing data of multiple departments, clients, and competitive market is challenging but essential for risk assessment. Having big data analysis tools for business data analysts creates a security shield around the extensive responsible database. In performing the analysis task, statistical analysis software can help evaluate and bifurcate the data for reporting.


Expert consultant of atQor has detailed knowledge about various industrial requirements and challenges. Considering all enterprise-level circumstances for your business data analysis, they advise and develop software solutions under our big data analytics service providing. For predictive maintenance of all such technological solutions can be done in real-time as all are easy to use and maintain.

Big Data Analytics

atQor is more concerned about the growth of every business than running business professionals. All sectors have very few enterprises that evaluate and actualize the strong vision of success and influence realistic data & actionable insights through technologically advanced big data analytics. Within the business empowerment activity, i.e., understanding market trends, buying patterns, and the consequent changes analysis, implementation of such big data analytics tools or predictive analytics tools have become necessary.  


To accelerate your business through big data analytics, you will get features for,

  • Cost optimization
  • Improving efficiency
  • Fostering competitive pricing
  • Boosting sales and retain customer loyalty
  • Innovating operational processes
  • Focusing on the local environment
  • Controlling and monitoring online reputation

Big Data Analytics Solutions & Services

Consolidating all processes where big data is involved atQor team analyses your business operations and decides where technology can add value to your strategy. For the addition of business profit & increasing ROI through technological expansion, connect with our consultants.

Power BI Dashboard & Reports - HR Analytics

Power BI Dashboard & Reports - Product Revenue Analytics

Mutual Fund Dashboard is designed to enhance clients Investment and Assets Under Management (AUM) with paid interest. It is to analyze effectiveness with a large number of branches that carrying out clients having different types of investments and transactions based on time. It helps the stock traders to track investment and client’s overall details by getting the right metrics anytime, anywhere. A mutual fund allows you to discover why your customers and their investments are dropping in some areas. The dashboards can help you filter out data at multiple levels. For example, one can see the client’s performance by investment time, fund strategy to increase clients by city and/or branch.

Operations Excellence Dashboard helps management to what are the production, quality, sales, service, and wastage of products, what are overall effectiveness of product and production based on time at their fingertips. Operation Excellence Dashboard delivers solution to provide holistic monitoring of their organization and to help Management and team to gain meaningful insights into their business that drive actionable results. It requires continuous tracking of the business as a whole and the ability to view detailed performance information of individual products and lines of business. Operations Excellence Dashboards simultaneously provide both a big picture, as well as a detailed view of the performance of products.

Good businesspersons acknowledge the importance of “Value the customer”. Instead of simply focusing on generating more clicks, businessperson follows the standard shift from increased Click-Through Rates to retention, loyalty, and building customer relationships. Instead of analyzing the entire customer base, it is better to segment them into homogeneous groups, understand the characteristic of each group, and engage them with relevant campaigns. One of the most marketable and effective segmentation methods to enable businesspersons to analyze customer behavior is RFM analysis.

FMCG sales analytics dashboard is developed to enhance sales effectiveness of employees. It helps salesperson and manager to easily analyse their sales and target effectiveness in a sophisticated manner. It helps user to spend less time in analysing data and more time in gaining actionable insights. FMCG sales dashboard not only ensure that you have high quality and real time data but also transforms it into meaningful recommendations for the present and future. It shares sales metrics in real-time to allow you to take key sales-oriented business decisions at the right time, may it be from your boardroom or when you are on the move.

Power BI Financial Dashboard & Analytics Reports

Power BI Dashboard for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Analytics & Reporting

Employee Executive Summary with Power BI, HR Dashboard

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